A Powerful & ScalableEnterprise-Grade Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform

ZielCommerce Enterprise is a headless eCommerce solution helps you launch a scalable marketplace platform with exquisite features and versatile revenue models for marketplace Owners

Multifaceted Marketplace Platform For Any Business Model

B2C Marketplace

Streamline your selling to the end-users in a unique way with your magnificent Online B2C marketplace platform

B2C marketplace software will facilitate sellers to sell their products directly to the consumers. Zielcommerce fulfills the overall operation of an eCommerce marketplace platform. Get a global connection with your target audience and provide them a secured marketplace platform that has inbuilt SSL certificate integration, where the consumer can buy with more comfort.

  • Feature Rich Solution
  • Customizable & Scalable
  • Lifetime Ownership
  • Secured payment gateways
  • Flexible revenue model
  • Advance search & filtering options
  • Instant notification
  • Multiple language support
b2c-business model

C2C Marketplace

Increase your revenue by covering wider audience with our Zielcommerce C2C marketplace platform.

C2C marketplace software is the best market environment that allows business transactions between people to people. Zielcommerce facilitates users to sell and buy products with the same account and can have multilingual support and multiple currency options in the marketplace platform. Advanced search options will let the products be listed easily and get more conversion.

  • 100% customizable
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Multiple commission
  • One-Click Re-order
  • Real-time Inventory Updates
  • Custom Catalog
  • Vendor Subscription Plans
Explore C2C Marketplace Platform

B2B Marketplace

Get a clear view on handling entrepreneurs and selling your products to active business groups through the robust Zielcommerce online B2B marketplace platform.

B2B marketplace platform allows one business to sell its products and other businesses to buy it. This marketplace operation is perfectly carried out with our trustworthy zielcommerce software. You can gain more focus on buyer and seller features that will leverage the performance of your B2B marketplace platform. With our crystal clear user-interface and dedicated mobile application grab the attention of your visitors and increase your conversion rate.

  • Bulk Orders
  • Custom Catalog
  • One-click reorder process
  • Branded Dealer Storefronts
  • Multiple bookings
  • Real Time Chatbot
  • Advance Search
  • Easy Payment Method

A Complete Power packed Multi vendor Marketplace Solutions

One Time Cost, Lifetime License

Get complete access to all features by owning Zielcommerce, the unique multi vendor marketplace with one-time payment and gain the lifetime license of the platform.

Fully Customizable & Scalable

Have an exercising control over your multi vendor platform with Zielcommerce as it supports tailoring user’s experience. Also you can possess more customers and data as the software is highly scalable.

Dedicated Mobile App

Get a rich-featured mobile app for Android and iOS operating system and grab the attention of mobile users to your ecommerce platform. Convert your marketplace to a fully-fledged multi vendor platform with Zielcommerce mobile app.

Enriched UI/UX Experience

Enhance your marketplace website traffic by providing an awesome UI/UX experience to users. Also reduce the cart abandonment rate with an attractive and user-friendly interface. Increase the multi vendor website traffic with perfect design.

Smart Performance

Zielcommerce multi vendor platform comes with fast loading time that will excite users and reduce the bounce rate. Get the administration works done through smart automation and reduce manual efforts effectively in the marketplace software.

Reporting & Analytics

Know in detail regarding the performance of your multi vendor platform through reporting and analytics features. Find out easily about the fast moving products and get a sales report in a few clicks.

Feature Rich Online Marketplace Software, Fast to Launch and Scale.

Manage Vendors

Admin/Store owner has full control of seller activities and gets a detailed overview of their performance in the marketplace software. Admin can also add, approve or reject sellers, credit transactions, return requests, analyze performance, and view their complete details.

Commission Management

Fix percentage wise or fixed commission rules for the products. Add tax rules and finally easily calculate the total commission on each order.

Vendor Payout

Enjoy the finance control of your marketplace software by running custom reports filtered by vendors, dates, or order status and auto calculate all orders that consist of a vendor product.

Tax Management

Tax for each product is calculated by the vendor. Admin need not worry about the tax calculation.

Product Approval

Admin can either approve new products added by the vendor or reject it prior to bringing out in your multi vendor storefront. You can even disable this feature to let the vendors self publish the product.

Manage Withdrawal Requests

By enabling manual vendor withdrawal request in the admin panel, you can receive the requests, make the transaction, and manually mark the request as paid.

Payment Methods

Obtain a comprehensive Multi Vendor marketplace platform ledger to calculate and receive the payments from vendors. Admin can also view complete details of vendor transactions, pending orders and invoices.


Vendor Storefront

Increase the range of available products and get more exposure through your vendor storefront. Vendors can set their own rules and find easy ways to sell your existing products efficiently in the platform.

Vendor Dashboard

Individual marketplace dashboard for each vendor permits easy understanding of their inventory and order status. Vendor dashboard has order summary, sales report, sorting functionality, best selling products, revenue details,and more.

Vendor Bulk Product Upload

Upload bulk products with Zielcommerce using XML, XLS, and CSV file formats. Reduce the working time of vendors and let them concentrate more on their performance.

Vendor Catalog Management

Zielcommerce has an efficient online product catalog system to increase the sales, the vendors can plan and manage the products to be featured in the storefront.

Vendor Order Management

Vendors can manage their orders, invoices, credit, shipments, order return and exchange requests and more from their dashboards. Filtering features make it easy to find and view order details at any time in the software..

Banner Advertisement

Zielcommerce enables banner advertisements and provides enough space on the home page and let users post their ads in the allotted space. This will increase your marketplace platform revenue as well as site traffic.


Ratings & Reviews

To facilitate other customers for trustworthy shopping, with reference to the brand experience, the product purchaser can rate and review about the vendor as well as the product.


Customers can move one or products into a wishlist to make a future purchase. This feature enables the marketplace platform to improve the sales.

Mobile App

With the feature-rich marketplace mobile app, customers can make a purchase anytime and anywhere.

Social Login

Unleash the true power of the marketplace through Social media like Google, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and increase the ROI.

Pricing Comparison

Entitle the customers to compare the price of the product between various sellers in the multi vendor marketplace software to provide an excellent shopping experience.

Streamlined checkout

Get a simplified and easy checkout process with Zielcommerce and increase your conversion rate effectively. Provide multiple payment and shipping options that will facilitate buyers to decide on purchasing the product instantly.


Supercharge Your Marketplace Sales with Powerful Tools

Multiple Payment Gateways

Ensure a secured payment transaction

Allow your buyers to find their familiar payment gateways in your multi vendor platform that will give them confidence to do payment transactions without any hesitation.

  • PayPal
  • Authorize Net
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Google Checkout
  • Amazon Payment
  • WePay
  • 2Checkout
  • Skirll

Arabic RTL & Multi Lingual Support

Marketplace Platform allow to experience booking in their native language

Zielcommerce lets the users experience the essence of shopping in their own language through the multilingual option. Language preference can be customized according to customer target region.

Let your users access your multi vendor ecommerce platform in their native language as Zielcommerce supports more than 80 languages.

  • Arabic
  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Russian
  • Spanish

AcceptMultiple Currencies

Gain instant orders through wide currency option

Zielcommerce’ Multi Currency supports to run a multilingual ecommerce marketplace software with multiple currencies. From dollars to euros, we have got you covered to drive your ROI considerably.

Get the attention of global audience by supporting local currency in your marketplace platform.

  • US Dollar
  • Pounds Sterling
  • Indian Rupee
  • South Korean Won
  • Euro
  • Canadian Dollars
  • Saudi Riyal
  • Emirati Dirham
  • Philippine Peso

A Powerful Marketing & Promotion Features Into Your Marketplace Platform

Fully SEO-Friendly

Make your marketplace more attractive to search engines and be on top page rankings with SEO-friendly Zielcommerce software. Gain higher web traffic that will get you an unbelievable conversion rate.

Featured Blogging Suite

Keep promoting your brand and marketplace by frequently posting blogs with Zielcommerce blogging suite. Support your brand visibility through your strategic blogs and grab the multi vendor audience attention easily

Google Shopping API

Get real-time price information by availing Google’s product search data. Gain a reliable source of ecommerce data with Zielcommerce and customize your products and platform focusing more on user engagement.

Multiple Coupons & Discounts

Delight your customers with exclusive discounts and coupons that are available with Zielcommerce software and give a counter-attack to your competitors on their offers they provide.

Social Media Integration

Let your users share their favorite products that they find in your marketplace with their friends in social media channels. Allow them to get reviews from social network that supports them to make decision on buying the product.

Automated Email Marketing

Retarget your customers through the automated email marketing feature of Zielcommerce. Keep them updated with latest arrivals and special discounts and offers and increase your sales and revenue.

How can ZielCommerce help you accelerate revenue?

The Commission Model

Get a portion on every sale that happens with your each seller within your marketplace platform.


Have a clear recurring fee structure to access your marketplace platform and be benefited by giving unique experience to your vendors.

Product listing or insertion fees

Earn wisely by charging a fee for all the posts that the providers want to post and guarantee them with a lot of visibility.

Sponsored products and stores

Increase your revenue by getting more sponsored products and streamline your business by implementing effective marketing strategies and increase the stores.


Let your sellers have their ads posted in your marketplace platform and make them reach their target audience easily

Affiliates and referrals

Strengthen your marketplace by adding more affiliates and referrals who can get you more business through their effective promotional activities.

Trusted by 100+Happy Customers

Zielcommerce is highly rated marketplace software across on the most trusted platforms.

Trust Score 4.5 Reviews
goodfirms appvizer saasworthy

Very convenient shopping cart softwareI am really impressed with the simple and easy checkout process that is present in Zielcommerce. The auto-filling option reduces the processing time and makes the customer decide instantly. We started getting repeated orders and this shows how our users are impressed with the shopping cart software.

Dylan Jose

"A great way to get started" I'm very grateful to the Zielcommerce team. Customer support is excellent. They really helped to create a great marketplace as I needed to. This product was easy to use, can be customized and updated with new features. At first it was little hard to navigate and faced issue in vendor sales tax calculation. But later it was settled. Totally excellent Marketplace platform for your business.

Patrick Melvin

Suits well for all business modelsWe can get a great UX design for both front and back-end. The in-built features of the software are quite impressive. The products are completely flexible for customization and also it is perfectly scalable. The response from the technical team whenever a query is raised is really appreciable. Overall the software is truly user-friendly and worth the money you spent.

shefi jason

How it works


Our skilled technical experts will analyze your requirements in detail and get you a perfect solution.

Setup & Installation

After confirming the requirements of the marketplace platform from your end, the installation and set-up process will commence immediately.


The marketplace platform will be fine-tuned to meet your business type and will get ready for the launch.


After finalizing the marketplace customization process, the product is ready to launch and go-live instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Zielcommerce Software Fully Customizable?

Yes! Zielcommerce marketplace software is completely customizable and it will fit into your business model and fulfills your business demands. You can set your own theme and can fix your template that matches your product. The features can be customized according to your target audience and we can ensure you that Zielcommerce will give a seamless shopping experience to your users and will prove it to be the best multi vendor marketplace platform.

2. Does your Marketplace Software support for Mobile Application?

Being the best marketplace platform, Zielcommerce is built to be device-friendly. So the application is mobile-responsive and can have greater resolution in any device you use. This will help you to attract your visitors mainly the mobile users into your marketplace platform.

3. Does Your Multi vendor Ecommerce Software Support for Multiple Commissions?

Zielcommerce is a perfect multi vendor marketplace platform and all business models are embedded in this ecommerce marketplace platform. So you can find multiple commission features with this marketplace software.

4. Is it One time Payment Process?

Zielcommerce, a reliable multi vendor marketplace platform, comes with one-time payment. This marketplace software doesn’t have any hidden charges and you can completely own the software with single-payment.

5. What is the cost of customizing mobile apps as per the chosen Zielcommerce ready design?

The cost for developing mobile apps for your ecommerce marketplace platform can be estimated only after getting your complete requirement and demands. Positively Zielcommerce comes with an affordable price compared to other mobile apps available in the digital market.

6. Are transactions from other currencies permissible at your eCommerce platform?

Zielcommerce has all extensive features that are essential for a multi vendor marketplace platform. So it is obvious that this marketplace software supports multiple currency features. So you can focus on international customers for your marketplace platform.

Ready to Build Your Own Multi Vendor Marketplace Platform

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