Build a Successful C2C Marketplace Platform

C2C Marketplace

Allow sellers to sell their used products and let buyers find nearby sellers through our Zielcommerce C2C marketplace platform.

C2C marketplace platform allows a user to be a seller as well as a buyer and can sell and buy refurbished products. Zielcommerce understands the importance of the C2C marketplace and thus provides a SSL certified platform with high-level user-interface. Users can easily list their products and post ads with just a few clicks and gain higher response.

  • 100% customizable
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Multiple commission
  • One-Click Re-order
  • Real-time Inventory Updates
  • Custom Catalog
  • Vendor Subscription Plans

Feature Loaded C2C Marketplace Platform

Complete Ownership

Gain complete access to the C2C marketplace by settling one-time costs. Get hold of the lifetime license and keep upgrading your C2C marketplace periodically.

Fully Customizable & Scalable

Customize the C2C marketplace platform according to your business model and keep expanding your business without worrying about the back-end as the platform is highly scalable.

Better User Experience

Give your customers a perfect shopping experience by providing a genuine user-friendly interface. Let your design be more device responsive and grab the attention of all smart device users easily.

In-built Analytics & Reporting

Have your C2C marketplace platform in control by monitoring the store performance through proper analytics and high-level reporting features. Understand more about products that are fast and poor moving and take necessary action on time.

Mobile Commerce Ready

Zielcommerce allows to gain complete attention of mobile users through its dedicated mobile application. Regardless of the operating system the mobile user uses, the platform supports all user types.

Robust Marketing Features

Promoting your brand online is quite simple and easy with Zielcommerce as the buy sell marketplace platform has in-built marketing features like search engine optimized, affiliate modules and many more.

Powerful eCommerce Features to Enable C2C Marketplace

Account Management

Let your buyers have their own account page that will let them know about their complete transaction with your C2C platform.

Feedback & Star Rating

Respect your customers’ opinion about the purchase they made with your C2C marketplace and allow them to share their feedback and give ratings.

Product Filter

Allow your customers to be more specific on what they want and help them through your filtering option that will hide products that are not their priority.

Order Management

With the support of push notification, inform sellers instantly about the order placed through the platform and let them start processing the order in an effective way.

Buyer seller communication

Provide communication channels that will allow sellers to communicate with their buyers and this will reduce the order cancellation and return.

Social Logins & Sharing

Impress your customers by making them share their favorite product in their social media channels directly from the C2C marketplace platform

Promoted Listing

Make sellers to list their products for promotion. Promoted products will be listed in top position and will get a higher chance of purchase.

Admin Dashboard

The complete functioning of the c2c marketplace can be easily monitored through a dedicated admin dashboard.

Product Management

Allow admin to manage the products that are uploaded by the seller. Illegal or banned products need to be removed by the admin.

Seller Management

Add or remove sellers through seller management features. You can keep monitoring the seller’s performance and support poor performing sellers.

Revenue Management

Make admin to set the commission percentage for sellers through commission settings. Also admin can manage the revenue sources effectively.

Users Management

Admin will have the complete control over users of the c2c marketplace. He can either accept or reject users without any notification.

Store Configuration

Admin can easily configure the store setting according to the business change then and there without any complication.

Report & Analytics

Get simple and multiple reports along with analytics that will help you to measure the performance of your C2C platform.

Content Management

Admin can easily manage the content and can do periodic changes in the content that will match the current trend in the market.

Marketing & Promotion

Admin can promote the marketplace with in-built modules and can easily gain website traffic and can increase conversion rate.


Key Features that Enable Perfect C2C Marketplace Software

Robust Product Management

Effective product management will facilitate the seller to portrait their products in an organized way and buyers will find it easy to reach the product. Zielcommerce ensures smooth product management and gives an impeccable solution to sellers and buyers.

  • Import/Export Feature
  • Favorite Products
  • Track Inventory
  • Invoicing Module
  • Product Reviews Management
  • Track Inventory

AdvancedReporting & Analytics

Get various reports as per your requirement and analyze the working pattern of your marketplace. With clear insights you will be able to take necessary steps to overcome poor performance of the platform.

  • Sales Report
  • User Sign-ups
  • Traffic Insights
  • Top Selling Products
  • Visitor Statistics
  • Latest Orders Report
  • Visitor Statistics
  • Analytical Tools Integration

Multiple Payment Solutions

Zielcommerce gives your customers a comfort zone by providing multiple payment solutions in its C2C marketplace platform. This will considerably reduce the cart abandonment rate and will increase the sales effectively.

  • Multiple Payment Options
  • Withdrawal Request Management
  • Secure Payments
  • Split Payments

Personalized C2C Marketing & Promotion Features

SEO Friendly

Zielcommerce is developed as an SEO-friendly platform that will support the buy sell marketplace to be ranked in top position on search engines.

Rewards & Discounts

Set rewards and discounts and increase customer’s loyalty and retain your customers and also acquire more new customers too.

Promotional Banners

Run promotional banners in all social media channels and let your target audience know about your marketplace platform. This will simultaneously increases the traffic and conversion

Social Media Sharing

Integrate all social media platforms with your C2C marketplace platform and allow customers to directly share the products to their friends.

Blog Integration

Keep posting blogs related to your marketplace and utilize proper keywords that will get you search engine ranking and gains more traffic to your platform.

PPC Advertisements

Properly invest on PPC advertisements and pitch your marketplace among your target audience and get genuine leads.

Buy-Sell Marketplace Revenue Model


Earn through commission fee model by setting commission percentage for products sold by sellers. Commission rates can be flexible for each seller and after deducting the commission amount the seller will receive the balance payment.

Promoted Content

Let the seller promote their product to be listed on the top of the search by paying for the content additional. This will benefit both sellers as well the admin to earn money.

Premium Services

Provide premium services by charging them separately. Customers will use default services for free of cost and when they want to use the upgraded service then they need to pay and enjoy the service.

Ad Syndicates

Allow third-party advertisers to utilize your C2C marketplace platform and you can charge for each ad and can earn separately. Allocate more space so that you can earn more through ad syndicates.

Trusted by 100+Happy Customers

Zielcommerce is highly rated marketplace software across on the most trusted platforms.

Trust Score 4.5 Reviews
goodfirms appvizer saasworthy

Very convenient shopping cart softwareI am really impressed with the simple and easy checkout process that is present in Zielcommerce. The auto-filling option reduces the processing time and makes the customer decide instantly. We started getting repeated orders and this shows how our users are impressed with the shopping cart software.

Dylan Jose

"A great way to get started" I'm very grateful to the Zielcommerce team. Customer support is excellent. They really helped to create a great marketplace as I needed to. This product was easy to use, can be customized and updated with new features. At first it was little hard to navigate and faced issue in vendor sales tax calculation. But later it was settled. Totally excellent Marketplace platform for your business.

Patrick Melvin

Suits well for all business modelsWe can get a great UX design for both front and back-end. The in-built features of the software are quite impressive. The products are completely flexible for customization and also it is perfectly scalable. The response from the technical team whenever a query is raised is really appreciable. Overall the software is truly user-friendly and worth the money you spent.

shefi jason

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Long Does it Take To Launch a C2C Marketplace Platform?

Zielcommerce is a ready-made C2C marketplace software. Users can buy the software with single payment and can immediately launch this C2C marketplace software without any delay. You can go live instantly and can start your C2C marketplace platform and get more profit.

2. What are the Customization Options Available in the Zielcommerce C2C Platform?

Obviously you can customize your C2C platform, zielcommerce. Our technical team will guide you on customization process and you can easily customize and make it fit for your business.

3. How Zielcommerce Platform Differs From Other C2C Software Providers?

Zielcommerce has excelled as the best C2C marketplace software in this market for more than a decade.Zielcommerce can easily understand the user’s pain point and provide you the solution. Our technical team will support you, whenever you need them.

4. What are the Types of C2C Revenue Models Available With Zielcommerce?

Zielcommerce will let you choose any of C2C revenue models as it supports all the models. The choice is all yours and according to your business model and your product and your target audience, you can choose the best C2C revenue model for your c2c marketplace platform.

5. How Secure and Scalable is the Zielcommerce C2C Marketplace Platform?

Zielcommerce is a secured C2C marketplace platform as this c2c marketplace software is integrated with SSL certificate. You can assure a secured transaction to your customers by providing them a safe C2C marketplace platform. Since this c2c marketplace platform is scalable you can boldy expand your business without thinking much about the storage.

6. What are the types of packages available with zielcommerce and in which package can we get a complete customization option?

Zielcommerce has three packages (Basic, Standard and premium) for our clients. Customization is possible in all the packages but there are certain limitations in basic and standard packages. If you go for our premium package you can enjoy complete customization option.


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