Build an Exclusive Hyper-Local Grocery eCommerce Platform

A Ready-to-go grocery ecommerce software with Pre-built features for a Successful Grocery Business

One-Stop-Solution for Online Grocery Ecommerce Platform

100% Customizable

Meet customers’ desire by efficiently customizing your grocery ecommerce platform and let the user interface be more user-friendly.

Own It Completely

Get the exclusive features for your online grocery platform and gain the overall control of the application.

One Time Cost

Own the most cost effective and performance oriented online grocery store software application by paying it once.

Fully Secured

Ensure your users how secure your online grocery platform is being developed with JSON Web Token (JWT), Keychain and API.

Revenue Snapshot

Monitor your revenue performance with the exclusive snapshot and understand the growth and development of your grocery ecommerce platform.

End to End Support

Experience the dedicated technical support along with our reliable online grocery platform and get to access all the features.

Multifaceted Grocery Ecommerce Platform for Versatile Demands

Single Vendor Grocery Store

Do you wish to promote your online grocery store with the best e-commerce website? Our next-gen professional e-commerce shopping cart software can be a perfect solution for building an online grocery platform. You can get a perfect design and greater brand visibility through our SEO friendly e-commerce platform. By settling with the single payment you can own the grocery e-commerce platform of your online grocery store.

Multi Vendor Grocery Store

Compete with the leading multi vendor ecommerce marketplace like Amazon, Flipkart and many more with our multi vendor platform. Your grocery ecommerce platform will provide portals for suppliers, dealers and wholesalers. You can build an grocery store software with all multi vendor features that satisfy all the requirements of users, vendors and admin. You will get a user-friendly front end as well as back end.

Explore Multiple Grocery Ecommerce Features for Better Sales

Features for Customer Convenience

Experience the smooth functioning of shipping orders and managing inventory and processing the overall procedures.

Social Media Login

Facilitate your customers by providing social media login in your online grocery platform and let them share and post with single click. Gain more attention from the users and reach higher visibility.

Single Page Checkout

Let your users experience a hassle-free checkout process with your grocery ecommerce platform. Reduce the bouncing rate of the customers who visits your page and increase the sale conversion effectively.

Product Filter

Customers will get the ease of the interface with advanced product filtering options in the grocery software. The product filter will help them to figure out the exact product they search for and reduce their searching time.

Ratings and Reviews

Understand your product and service quality by getting genuine ratings and reviews from your customers and learn to improvise the standard of your service and retain your customers.


Wishlist is a default feature that every user wants to have in any shopping cart. We understand its importance and our script supports to have a dedicated wishlist to the users.

Order Cancellation

Canceling an order is quite common among the users. So canceling is enabled and it can be replaced with another item. The same time refund is not possible in our application.

Repeat Orders

The option for repeating the same order through a single click is available and users can make this option to order the same items that they have ordered in the past.

Manage Everything Of Your Online Grocery Platform

Effortless Inventory & Smooth Order Processing

Experience the smooth functioning of shipping orders and managing inventory and processing the overall procedures.

Centralized inventory

Be confident with your accurate inventory report across all locations.

Order management

Get simplified single click order management that may have single or multiple orders at a time.


Keep an updated record of your customers with their current contact info and other order histories and transaction they have done so far.

Easy Payment processing

Let your customers enjoy secure payment processing without any setup required.

Payment options

There is no restriction in the payment options as it accepts all credit cards, debit cards, net banking, local payment methods & COD.

Payment gateways

We have integrated with more than 100 reliable third party payment gateways.

Grocery Delivery At Its Best

Experience the smooth functioning of shipping orders and managing inventory and processing the overall procedures.

Custom Delivery

The process of delivery varies from customer to customer. Some may need for normal, standard delivery. Some need to express delivery. Some may also prefer pre-order delivery. We have a custom delivery option where the customers can select the one they prefer the most.

Pickup in Store

Customers can collect their orders by directly visiting the store. This is a pick up in-store feature. They can either use online payment and pay in prior or can pay the cash while collecting the order.

Marketing & Promotion

Experience the smooth functioning of shipping orders and managing inventory and processing the overall procedures.

Store insights & Analytics

Since your online grocery platform can hold thousands of products, searching a product should be made simple for the customers by providing them features like sorting and filters


Learn more about your business performance level by getting through real-time analytics and take necessary actions to increase sales efficiently.


To understand the efficiency of the business we all need proper reporting of the sales, the orders delivered, the customer list and marketing investment.

The Reliable Revenue channels of Grocery Ecommerce Platform

Commission On Every Transaction

Set a commission plan for your grocery ecommerce platform and earn on every single transaction that takes place in your online grocery platform. The admin can fix the commission rate and the vendor needs to pay the commission on every transaction.

Commission On Each Delivery

Focus on the simple and easy revenue source that can be earned on every delivery that takes place in your grocery ecommerce platform. The commission can be charged from the buyer as well as the delivery staff.

Banner Ads & On-site Promotion

Utilize the space in your online grocery platform and post the ads of the vendors and earn some profit with those ads. Charge your sellers for all on-site promotion they make using your grocery ecommerce platform.

Vendor Subscription

Have a clear subscription plan for the vendors who register themselves in your online grocery platform. By subscribing with your grocery ecommerce platform they can list, access and sell their products.

Powerful Mobile Apps To Elevate Your Grocery Sales

Easy Product Search

Since your online grocery stores can hold thousands of products, searching a product should be made simple for the customers by providing them features like sorting and filters

Personalized Push Notifications

Let your customers know about your latest offers through automated push notifications.

Deep Linking

Get in link with your customers through banners & promotional campaigns that will get them attracted and in turn will increase your sales. .

Order Tracking

An essential feature that has to be mandatory is order tracking. Customers always want to know where their order is right now.

Real-Time Synchronization

The back-end of your application is synched with the front-end of your application in real-time. so each and every modification or changes are updated to the users on time.

Schedule Delivery Time Slot

Customers can select their convenient time to deliver their product they have ordered.

Add to Shopping List

The shopping list feature aids your customer to organize the shopping list, manage your user's shopping and grocery list accordingly and add the product to the shopping list.

Discount Coupons

You will be able to generate coupon codes and promo code for your store in just a few clicks and distribute to your customers and boost your sales and customer engagement.


Can I Migrate off from My Existing eCommerce software to Zielcommerce Without any Loss?

Yes, you can easily shift your existing ecommerce software to online grocery platform, zielcommerce. Zielcommerce gives complete flexibility and without any loss you can easy convert your store to a renowned grocery ecommerce platform.

Is Zielcommerce a Readymade or Saas Platform?

Zielcommerce is a readymade grocery ecommerce platform that has all comprehensive features that are essential to run an online grocery platform.

Is it Possible to Request Custom/ Additional Features to Be Added to Zielcommerce?

Zielcommerce allows customization. We understand the user’s requirement and in future the demands may vary. So zielcommerce will let you to add additional features in future and will let your online grocery platform an updated platform in the market.

Is zielcommerce grocery eCommerce platform Fully Customizable?

Yes. Zielcommerce grocery ecommerce platform is fully customizable and you can easily frame your grocery software as per your requirement. Feel free to contact us and we are ready to serve you.

Do you create a website similar to the BigBasket grocery?

Yes. Zielcommerce is a renowned platform that can adapt to any leading grocery ecommerce platform. We can give all the features that are available in bigbasket and can make you compete with all online grocery platform leaders.

Does Zielcommerce come with mobile apps for buyers and delivery staff?

Zielcommerce comes with 2 separate mobile apps. One for buyers and another for the delivery person. The grocery store software interface is user-friendly and will let the user to comfortably access all the features that are available in the grocery ecommerce platform.