Start Your Own Buy Sell Marketplace With ZielBuy

Connect Buyers And Sellers Instantly On Your Marketplace Inspired By Buy And Sell Apps Like Olx, Letgo, Offerup, Wish Local.

End-to-End Buy Sell Marketplace Solution

100% Customizable

Increase your productivity by being more confident about your customizable C2C marketplace platform and perform tasks faster and more efficiently.


Forecast the growth of our marketplace solution through Zielcommerce that provides scalability and expand your marketplace along with your business growth.

Marketing Friendly

Our buy sell marketplace solution facilitates your web pages rank at the top in the search engine by providing SEO friendly URLs.

Fully-Tested & Quick Go-Live

Our team of professional developers has an hands-on knowledge in developing a fully tested, handy application for your multi vendor marketplace solutions

Referrals, Promotions & Loyalty Programs

Fine-tune your marketplace platform and increase your revenue by adding referrals and affiliates who can guarantee you lead and leverage your business.


Scale security across your marketplace solution and benefit your customers to have centralized accessibility with trust to goods and services.

Flexible Commission

Our marketplace application allows you to set various commission rates for each vendor signed up in your buy and sell marketplace.

FREE Installation Service

You can comfortably install the marketplace application with zero cost which is really a boon for many startups.

Feature Rich Buy Sell Marketplace Software

  • Buyer
  • Seller
  • Admin

Customers can login to the multivendor application using their social media account or contact number.

Connect to Users

Update yourself with the products posted by your friends from FB and your phone contacts through our Zielcommerce' buy and sell marketplace.

Central Newsfeed

The central Newsfeed enables the buyer to have a fingertip knowledge regarding the products the seller has posted. The users can very well like, sheaf, review, and comment on the same


Customers can customize the newsfeed using filters in the buy and sell marketplace

Pop-Up Notification

Enjoy the privilege of getting notification for people liking your post, following you, or your friend sharing a post with you, etc.

Product image sliders

Benefit from the use of product image sliders which displays the top selling products and the recently added products in the marketplace.

Location based search

Customers can find the sellers near their location with the Zielcommerce' location based search feature.

Detailed Profile

The information such as customer name, address, phone number, their previous purchase history, favorite products, return history, last activity can be effectively managed.

PayPal Integration

Zielcommerce' buy and sell marketplace has integrated PayPal to ensure no customers are struck in the payment transaction page without the gateway they are looking for.

Post a Product

Sellers can entitle the facility of posting their new products with product information, description, and any number of images in our buy and sell marketplace with addition of relevant hashtags for simple search of the products.

Promote Posts

Promote the post and gain more visibility and awareness from the customer end by choosing from the most appropriate plan you would love to select from out buy and sell marketplace.


Know the analytics of your buy and sell marketplace by analyzing the number of product views, products in the customer wishlist, conversion of wishlist products into cart, favorite products, most viewed and purchased products for various demographics.


Take advantage of reviewing the users from whom you had already made a transaction in the buy and sell marketplace.

Inventory Management

Facilitates the seller to efficiently track and manage the status of their products in the Zielcommerce' buy and sell platform.

Catalogue Management

It allows the seller to add umpteen products into the catalogue and remove the unwanted one's.

Independent Profile Page

Give an individual profile page facility to all your sellers and let them meet their audience with a new face. Promote your brand in a unique way and gain more new customers for your marketplace platform.

Super Admin Panel

Get complete control over the panel along with all the settings of the marketplace platform. Manage your vendors, their commissions, products approval, payment methods in an efficient way and build powerful marketplace software with Zeilcommerce.

User Management

Effortlessly manage the user profiles of all the customers signed up in your buy and sell marketplace application

Category Management

Category Management is all about separating product into categories and sub categories by the product characteristic and managing it for easy advertising.


Maximize your performance and optimize your return of investment by understanding the customers’ behavior and marketing analytics with Zielcommerce. Measure, analyze and manage the data as it is more important for your business success.

Buy Sell Marketplace Revenue Model


Zielcommerce' buy and sell marketplace has set up a nominal commission rate of each transaction for the sellers when a buyer makes the payment to the provider for a purchase.

Promoted Content

Amplify the revenue by allowing the sellers to create and run many promotional campaigns on their products to grab and attract more customers on to your marketplace.

Premium Services

Permit the customers to enjoy the additional features of the buy and sell marketplace like free delivery by letting them choose their favorite subscription plans to retain more customers on to your platform.

Ad Syndicates

Promote the third party advertisements sent by the syndicates on the preferred section in the buy and sell marketplace app.

Marketing and Promotion


We boost your market presence with the contemporary SEO practices to make your marketplace rank at the top in the search engine.

Discounts and Gift Coupons

Brighten up the mood of your customer by sending them gift coupons and discounts which can be used while shopping in your buy and sell marketplace mobile app, web app, or website.

Daily Deals

Drive your marketplace engagement by offering daily deals to your customers and use the psychological concept of fear of missing out(FOMO) to make your user purchase the product and increase the sales percentile exponentially.

Social Media Sharing

Provide the facility of sharing their most liked product from your marketplace to their dear ones and multiply your sales drastically with this crucial marketing strategy.

Customer Success

Mauritius' Brand New Marketplace

ZielCommerce's Marketplace Solution has paved way for Maurtius Multi Vendor eCommerce store in the market to WWI millions of shopaholics to buy at their own convenience.Impressed with the features he decided to procure ZielCommerce's Marketplace.

One Step Checkout Customized Ul/UX
Multiple Monetization Multiple Payment Gateways