20 Reasons Ecommerce & Booking With ZielCommerce

See why more people are making the move to our ecommerce platform.


Suits all business type

Every business varies in its size and standard. There are also many business types like B2B, B2C, C2C and many more. Zielcommerce is developed to meet out the need of any business irrespective of its size and type. All entrepreneurs’ expectations are well catered.


Reliable marketplace solution

The online store should be eligible enough to manage all sorts of operations like inventory management, order management, purchase management and many more. The readymade marketplace platform you search for should be a reliable one. Zielcommerce is a trustworthy multi-vendor marketplace solution since it holds the market for more than a decade and also very genuine in all its functionalities.


Own hosting

One needs to have complete control over the software and its operation that can only be obtained by owning the hosting server. Zie-commerce is an own hosted software that provides better security.


Avail the full source code

Once you purchase the Zielcommerce multi-vendor marketplace, you will get complete access to the source code and it is clear that you are no more dependable on the software provider. You can make the changes then and there as per your requirements on your own.


Fully customizable

The basic feature that is very essential for any multivendor marketplace solution is customization. The buying behavior of the customers keeps changing often so the software needs to be updated according to the expectation of the customers as well as the sellers. Zielcommerce lets you customize the application according to the market demand any number of times.


One Time Cost, Life Time License

Zielcommerce comes with a single payment method. Once you pay, you will own the software and there are no other hidden charges. You need not worry about any recurring fee that will be charged monthly or yearly basis. Zielcommerce is a one-time payment. Just pay and own the license.


Smart performance

The speed of your website has a vital role in your sales and conversion rate. The bounce rate increases when the page loading is slow. Zielcommerce is tested with skilled personnel and rated high for its smart performance by its users all over the world.


Enriched User Interface

The appealing design is an invaluable part of any multi-vendor marketplace. Zielcommerce lets the users interact simple, intuitive and efficient. More importance has been given on input controls like checkboxes, radio buttons, etc, then the navigational components like a search field, breadcrumbs and informational components like notifications, progress bar, etc.


Dedicated Mobile App

To add value to the brand, every business needs to have a mobile app. There is great recognition for M-Commerce in today’s market. So we cannot ignore the superiority of mobile app over the browsers. Customers get better user experience and this, in turn, increases their loyalty. Zielcommerce provides you a dedicated mobile app that supports both Android and IOS and enhances the response time.


Covers Global market

To keep the potential customers happy, you need to present your products and services in their native language and they should be able to purchase with their local currency. By doing so, one can cover the global market. Zielcommerce enables you to have multilingual and multicurrency options and you can gain the customers’ satisfaction easily.


Product catalog system

Product information plays a vital part in any e-commerce marketplace. It has a major impact on SEO, site navigation and finally gives confidence to the customers to buy the product. So how you manage the product data matters a lot. The online marketplace solution should give enough guidance for potential customers to find the product they want. Zielcommerce has an efficient product catalog system that gives you a greater conversion rate.


Perfect Vendor Management

A multivendor marketplace solution should have an organized vendor management system. Multiple vendors will join your online store and their products need to be listed in your e-commerce marketplace and you need to have legit commission management with the vendors. Zielcommerce has a perfect vendor management system and this will support you to handle your vendors effectively.


Search Engine Friendly

All users trust search engines and the website ranked top in the searches will get a higher chance of getting more traffic that in turn will get them more sales and conversions. Search engine optimization has the potential to boost your e-commerce marketplace. Zielcommerce is searching engine friendly and you can expect the good online sales by promoting the software.


3rd Party Integrations

The multi-vendor marketplace needs to be integrated with other business apps or web services to enhance the user experience. For eg, for multiple payment options, your e-commerce marketplace should be integrated with Paypal, bitcoin and many more APIs. This will facilitate the customers in using the application to the core. Zielcommerce allows you to integrate with multiple third-party APIs.


120+ Payment Gateways

A payment gateway helps to transfer the transaction information between the bank and the e-commerce portal. Special encryption and verification technology are being used just to ensure the legitimate transaction is securely transmitted. Zielcommerce can support more than 120 payment gateways that allow the customers to have a transaction with their reliable payment gateway.


Affiliate Module

Affiliate marketing is the best way to reach the target audience in a short time. By partnering with your e-commerce marketplace with influential affiliates, your products get promoted on their websites or their social media channels and get you more customers. Zielcommerce has built-in affiliate module and you can start getting work with your affiliates and leverage your business.


Multiple Streams to Generate Revenue

The e-commerce marketplace should hold all possible streams to generate revenue for the owners. The most common possible ways for revenue generation are commissions, where the owners will get the commission on every sell outs, then subscriptions, where the owner can collect a membership fee from every vendor to sign in to the portal, the owners can allow the advertisers to post their ads in their websites and can get paid for the ads. Also can make a separate charge with vendors for their feature listings. Zielcommerce supports all the above mention ways for revenue generation.


Dedicated Technical Support

Zielcommerce technical support team provides you perfect hands-on training with the software. You will get end –to – end support from the customer care team. Zielcomerce is totally user friendly and you may not need any technical knowledge to handle the software. Even if you need any support, you can contact the technical team round the clock and get free support.


Flexible Payment Plans

Zielcommerce comes with flexible payment plans and the entrepreneurs can select the one that suits their budget. There is no compulsion of paying it as a single shot. Plan according to your budget and get zielcommerce as your product and start your e-commerce website effectively.


Migrate to Zielcommerce

Zielcommerce technical support team provides you perfect hands-on training with the software. You will get end –to – end support from the customer care team. Zielcomerce is totally user friendly and you may not need any technical knowledge to handle the software. Even if you need any support, you can contact the technical team round the clock and get free support.

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