Tailor Your UI/UX As Per Your Requirements

Bring colors to your thoughts and make your platform more attractive

Customer Centric Shopping Experience

Let your platform have all customer-focused features that will facilitate customers to have a perfect shopping experience

Intuitive Admin panels

Admin will get complete control over the platform as they will get clear hands-on the admin panel.

Streamline Checkout

Simplify the buying process by providing a single-click checkout page that will help customers to easily proceed with their purchase with the platform.

Fully Customizable Design

Make your marketplace represent your business thoughts by carving the design to match your business needs.

Vendor Focused Dashboard

Make your vendor be aware about his own selling process and his business performance through the dedicated vendor dashboard.

Customizable Homepage

The user-friendly website will help you to customize your homepage that will attract more visitors to your marketplace.

Catalog Management

Robust Catalog Management

Get the simplified and versatile catalog management and let vendors organize their products

Product Management

Have hassle-free product management with your robust software and keep a track of inventory and always deliver the product without any shortage.

Content Management

Attract your audience to your website by providing perfect content in all your pages. Every product should have a clear description that will make buyers want to buy them.

Sales Management

Get instant updates regarding each order and get proper invoices for each sale made through your website.

Users Management

A marketplace platform will contain several user groups like sellers, buyers and the admin. The platform should support all user groups simultaneously.

Vendor Management

Let the admin have the overall control of accepting or rejecting any vendor in his marketplace and track their performance periodically.

Store Configurations

Have multiple stores be connected under a single platform and let all operations be monitored under a single back-end function.

Shipping Management

Easily deliver the order by properly assigning with any of the genuine shipping logistics that will be integrated with your platform.

Vendor Management

Secure Vendor Management

Delight your vendors with exclusive vendor features and ensure higher productivity.

Vendor On Boarding

Provide clear reports of the performance of each vendor and let them have easy access to their product and profile page.

Shop Management

Have multiple shops in multiple locations and get them all linked with a single platform and easily manage your shops with less effort.

Advanced Product Listing Management

Let your vendors have advanced listing facilities that will make them list their products to gain higher visibility and get assured conversion.

Revenue Management

Set your revenue goal and promote your platform accordingly. Calculate your profit value periodically and make sure you run a profitable online business.

Order Management

Get all orders’ details and plan the delivery by checking the availability of the stock with the help of your software and ensure on-time delivery to your customers.

Subscription System

Provide the best subscription plan to your vendors and make it more reasonable to join in your website.

Vendor Withdrawal

Let your vendors withdraw their amount with simple procedures and let them not wait and get disappointed with your marketplace.

Orders & Payments

Orders & Payments Management

Bring colors to your thoughts and make your multivendor platform more attractive

Location-Based Products Sorting

For better conversion the platform supports location-based products sorting that will help users who prefer to buy in their local area.

Manage Order Requests

Effectively manage orders and have a hassle-free delivery that will delight your customers and will get you repeated orders.

Product Reviews Management

Let your customers register their feedback about your product and services and mange the reviews and enhance your product and servixe quality.

Wallet Management

Offer better wallet services that will support users to have easy payment. Have a secured wallet management system and get better conversion.

Secure Payments

Make your customers feel more secured while accessing your ecommerce platform. Have an SSL certified marketplace that will stay against all online threats.

Withdrawal Request Management

Provide easy and simplified withdrawal request procedure that will support sellers to claim their earnings without any delay.

Mobile App

A Handy Mobile App

Get the trendy mobile app of Zielcommerce and attract the major mobile users to your platform.

Login/ Registration

Simple login and registration process will let users easily access your online store and will start buying products without any difficulty.

Product Detail Screen

Every product will have a product detail screen that will have a detailed description about the product, its size and pricing.

Best Selling Products

Display the best-selling product to your customers and make them know the demand of products in the market.


Easy checkout process is offered with zielcommerce that will reduce the cart abandonment rate and will increase the sale in a better way.

New Arrivals

Keep updating your customers regarding latest arrivals through the mobile app and this will get you more sales and revenue.

Wish List

Let your users have a wish list in their app and let them store their favorite products and they can buy them later.

Product Categories

Let your app have easy navigation to the product listing page and allow your customers to find products easily as all products will be categorized and listed.

My Account

Customers can have a dedicated account page where they can check their order history and also their transaction made with the platform.

Cart Screen

Customers can add products to their cart and before they proceed to checkout they can view their cart screen and make their decision on buying.

Marketing Features

Personalized Marketing Features

Boost-up your branding and promotion with all in-built result-oriented marketing tools of Zielcommerce.

SEO Settings

The platform is search engine optimized and will let users access SEO settings for future updates.

Social Media Sharing

The platform is integrated with all social media platforms that allows users to share their favorite products and get feedback.

Affiliate Module

Increase the revenue of your software solution by utilizing the affiliate module that is integrated with the marketplace.

Promotional Banners

Users can post their banners and get greater reach. Promotional banners will let the platform have high traffic that results in better conversion.

Blog Integration

Add more blogs to your software as it will help to get better ranking when searched in any search engine. Users can integrate the blogs on their own.

Google Shopping API

The application is well integrated with Google shopping API that will guide users to find products and compare them with others with few clicks.

Automated Email Marketing

Set your email marketing tool to reach your audience all at a time and make use of this module better promotion and get greater visibility to your platform.

Multiple Coupons & Discounts

Delight your customers by offering multiple coupons and discounts. This will help to get more customers and also will make you retain them with your platform.


Measure Analytics and improve efficiency

Get a clear analysis about the business operation and the performance of the platform at your fingertips.

Sales Report

Have a detailed sales analysis report that can be easily generated from your software and find your profit margin.

Conversion Statistics

Find out the source that gives greater conversion and source that doesn’t give results. Make necessary action and enhance your conversion.

Visitor Statistics

Get the visitors count day-wise, month-wise or year-wise and put effort in increasing the visitors count to your website.

Non-Performing Products & Categories

Users need to identify the low-selling products and should invest more on promoting that particular product to enhance the sale.

Top Selling & Searched Products

Zielcommerce will give a detailed report on top selling products and also highly searched products as this will make you understand which are fast moving products.

Analytical Tools Integration

Multiple analytical tools are integrated with your marketplace platform and it helps to get any sort of reports.


Complete Customization Capabilities

Bring colors to your thoughts and make your multivendor platform more attractive

Portal customization

Get the personalized experience with the customizable marketplace and make it more user-friendly to approach.

Custom URL

The platform is SEO-friendly and users can customize the URL and make it more perfect for their product search.

Customize Vendor Panel

Let your vendors do what they want to have in their panel. Make it customized and let them have their priorities in their dashboard.

Custom Apps

The dedicated mobile applications are easy to personalize as they support both Android and iOS platforms.


Security Features

ZielCommerce ensures enterprise-grade security with features and comprehensive audits of networks, systems and regulatory compliances to protect your product and platform.

Identity & access management

Assure your customers with extraordinary data security and authenticated access management. This will protect your database from third-party access.

Custom SSL certificates

Recommended SSL certificates are integrated with Zielcommerce and you can offer an excellent omnichannel shopping experience to your customers.

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