A Readymade Grocery Ecommerce Platform With Mobile Application

Launch your customizable online grocery eCommerce platform with Pre-built features for a Successful Grocery Business.

Multifaceted Grocery Ecommerce Platform for Versatile Demands

Multi Vendor eCommerceGrocery Store

A multivendor grocery store combines multiple vendors who have the same passion of delivering quality products to buyers.

The platform ensures proper order processing and focuses more on on-time delivery of grocery items. Configure and customize your multivendor grocery store by understanding your vendors and customers’ demands. Cater your overall business goals with a user-friendly interface and gain better customer base.

Hyperlocal eCommerceGrocery Store

A hyperlocal marketplace will facilitate users to buy grocery items in nearby stores.

Utilize your location-based grocery ecommerce platform and make ordering much easier for your customers. Gain an exclusive mobile application that gives a high level of shopping convenience. Ensure fastest delivery from the nearest store to your customers and provide a hassle-free smart delivery at customers door steps.

Single vendor eCommerceGrocery Store

A single vendor grocery store is being run by an individual who takes care of the entire operation of his store.

Transform your offline brick and mortar grocery store into a mobile-friendly single vendor platform. Provide a perfect customization option along with scalable features and Connect the global audience through your multilingual and multiple currency features.

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One-Stop-Solution for Online Grocery Ecommerce Platform

One Time Cost, Lifetime License

Empower your online grocery platform by owning the application with one-time payment and get hold of the license and gain complete access.

Fully Customizable & Scalable

Realize what you want and let it resemble your grocery ecommerce platform through an extraordinary customization option. Also let your platform grow with high scalability.

Multi Store checkout

Simultaneous checkout on multiple stores will make your business operation more efficient and cost-effective. Impress your customers with this unique feature and gain more orders.

Multiple payment gateway

Get integrated with the most trending and familiar payment gateway with your grocery ecommerce platform and never miss any orders from customers.

Free Technical Support (1-Year)

Feel free to get support from our technical team on handling any feature of your grocery ecommerce platform for one complete year.

Dedicated Mobile App

Grab the attention of your mobile users through the dedicated mobile app of your online grocery platform and increase your brand credibility.

Feature Rich Grocery Ecommerce Software

Seller Management

The exclusive seller management feature will let you accept or reject any seller and can set their commission plan individually. Their performance can be easily monitored by the admin.

Order Management

Orders are perfectly processed without any hesitation and on-time delivery is assured to customers. Proper notification is sent to vendor and the buyer whenever an order is placed.

Revenue Management

The admin can set the revenue channel for the grocery ecommerce platform. You can easily fix commission slab and percentage and can even change them periodically whenever needed

Catalog Management

Sellers can categorize their products and have separate catalogs for each product. Admin can manage the catalogue and can edit the product catalogue on their own without intimating sellers.

Reviews Management

Customers are allowed to give their feedback and ratings of the product they have purchased. Admin can view the reviews and if needed he can even delete the review or hide them.

Split Payment Option

Allow your customers to get products from multiple vendors in a single checkout. The payment received will be properly given to the concern sellers by the admin without any difficulties.

Users Management

Admin can edit or delete any user in the platform and will take sole responsibility for managing the entire grocery ecommerce platform effectively.

Delivery Management

Admin needs to take care of the delivery and shipping of the grocery ecommerce platform. Proper shipping is managed and hassle-free delivery is ensured to customers.


Easy Registration

Allow your vendors to have a simple registration format that will help them to get registered with few clicks. This will get you more vendors to your multi vendor ecommerce platform

Shop Management

Vendors can have multiple shops and can manage them effectively. All orders can be seen in a single dashboard and can monitor the complete performance in all shops.

Delivery Time Slot

Allow your customers to select their comfortable delivery time slot. Vendors will get intimated about the delivery time and they can plan their dispatch accordingly.

Buy Seller Message

An easy communication channel will be available all the time for buyers to contact their sellers. They can clear their doubts regarding their product and this will reduce the return and refund process.

Bulk Product Import

Sellers will be allowed to add products in bulk values. This will efficiently save their product uploading time and will get things done on time without much effort.

Custom Order Management

Sellers can easily manage their orders that will support them to have a perfect and on-time delivery. They can accept or reject an order and can also intimate customers regarding their orders.

Seller Profile Management

Every seller will have a separate seller page and they can maintain their own profile in the grocery ecommerce platform. They can give a short explanation about their business that will help buyers to understand them easily.


Geo Location

Customers can have their nearby stores to be listed in the platform through geo-location tagging. This will help them to get their nearby stores and can easily place their orders.

Buy on Search

The advanced searching option will help the buyer to identify the product he was searching for and can instantly place his order online with few clicks.

Repeat orders

After placing orders, customers can find their orders in their profile page and they can repeat the same orders without going again for searching the product

Easier checkout

The online grocery platform will allow buyers to have simple and easy checkout. This will help you to retain your customers as they find it easy in buying products in your grocery ecommerce platform.

Delivery Time Slot

Allow customers to have their comfortable delivery time and let them select their delivery time slot. This convenience will get you more customers to your platform and increase sales effectively.

Multiple Payment Options

Provide multiple payment options to your customers and let them select their familiar payment gateway to purchase the product. This will gain more trust on your grocery ecommerce platform.

Order Tracking

Let your customers know where their orders are right now. This will help them to plan their schedule accordingly. Also if there is any unexpected delay that can be informed to customers so that they may not panic.

Powerful Mobile Apps To Elevate Your Grocery Sales

Easy Product Search

Since your online grocery stores can hold thousands of products, searching a product should be made simple for the customers by providing them features like sorting and filters

Personalized Push Notifications

Let your customers know about your latest offers through automated push notifications.

Order Tracking

An essential feature that has to be mandatory is order tracking. Customers always want to know where their order is right now.

Real-Time Synchronization

The back-end of your application is synched with the front-end of your application in real-time. so each and every modification or changes are updated to the users on time.

Schedule Delivery Time Slot

Customers can select their convenient time to deliver their product they have ordered.

Custom Quantity access

Customers can select the quantity of product they would like to purchase and can change the quantity before checkout.

Marketing and Promotion Features

Fully SEO-Friendly

The grocery ecommerce platform is completely built as SEO-friendly. This will support your platform to get search engine ranking easily and can promote your products to your target audience

Blog & Landing Page

The online grocery platform supports blogs and will contain a dedicated landing page that can be listed in all search engines. you can increase the traffic by posting blogs on your platform.

Minimum Advertised Price

You can set the advertisement price and when you set it for minimum price you can expect more advertisers to approach your online grocery platform and this will increase your revenue.

Promotional & Discounts Coupons

Delight your customers by providing exclusive discounts and offers that will urge them to buy more products with your grocery ecommerce platform.

Social Media Shop Integration

Get your grocery ecommerce platform integrates with social media logins that will support users to use their social media platforms to share and get reviews for the products they want to purchase in your platform

Newsletter Management

Avail newsletter features and let your online grocery platform deliver newsletters and magazines online and make customers get updated about latest technology and advancements.

One Solution Made To Fit For Versatile Demands


Farm Products

Dairy Products

Fruits and Vegetables

Flower Delivery

Cakes and Beverages

Fish & Meat

Baby Care

Multiple Revenue Models for Store Owners

Commission On Every Transaction

Set a commission plan for your grocery ecommerce platform and earn on every single transaction that takes place in your online grocery platform. The admin can fix the commission rate and the vendor needs to pay the commission on every transaction.

Commission On Each Delivery

Focus on the simple and easy revenue source that can be earned on every delivery that takes place in your grocery ecommerce platform. The commission can be charged from the buyer as well as the delivery staff.

Banner Ads & On-site Promotion

Utilize the space in your online grocery platform and post the ads of the vendors and earn some profit with those ads. Charge your sellers for all on-site promotion they make using your grocery ecommerce platform.

Vendor Subscription

Have a clear subscription plan for the vendors who register themselves in your online grocery platform. By subscribing with your grocery ecommerce platform they can list, access and sell their products.

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Very convenient shopping cart softwareI am really impressed with the simple and easy checkout process that is present in Zielcommerce. The auto-filling option reduces the processing time and makes the customer decide instantly. We started getting repeated orders and this shows how our users are impressed with the shopping cart software.

Dylan Jose

"A great way to get started" I'm very grateful to the Zielcommerce team. Customer support is excellent. They really helped to create a great marketplace as I needed to. This product was easy to use, can be customized and updated with new features. At first it was little hard to navigate and faced issue in vendor sales tax calculation. But later it was settled. Totally excellent Marketplace platform for your business.

Patrick Melvin

Suits well for all business modelsWe can get a great UX design for both front and back-end. The in-built features of the software are quite impressive. The products are completely flexible for customization and also it is perfectly scalable. The response from the technical team whenever a query is raised is really appreciable. Overall the software is truly user-friendly and worth the money you spent.

shefi jason

How it works


Our skilled technical experts will analyze your requirements in detail and get you a perfect solution.

Setup & Installation

After confirming the requirements of the marketplace platform from your end, the installation and set-up process will commence immediately.


The marketplace platform will be fine-tuned to meet your business type and will get ready for the launch.


After finalizing the marketplace customization process, the product is ready to launch and go-live instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I Migrate off from My Existing eCommerce software to Zielcommerce Without any Loss?

Yes, you can easily shift your existing ecommerce software to online grocery platform, zielcommerce. Zielcommerce gives complete flexibility and without any loss you can easy convert your store to a renowned grocery ecommerce platform.

2. Is Zielcommerce a Readymade or Saas Platform?

Zielcommerce is a readymade grocery ecommerce platform that has all comprehensive features that are essential to run an online grocery platform.

3. Is it Possible to Request Custom/ Additional Features to Be Added to Zielcommerce?<

Zielcommerce allows customization. We understand the user’s requirement and in future the demands may vary. So zielcommerce will let you to add additional features in future and will let your online grocery platform an updated platform in the market.

4. Is zielcommerce grocery eCommerce platform Fully Customizable?

Yes. Zielcommerce grocery ecommerce platform is fully customizable and you can easily frame your grocery software as per your requirement. Feel free to contact us and we are ready to serve you.

5. Do you create a website similar to the BigBasket grocery?

Yes. Zielcommerce is a renowned platform that can adapt to any leading grocery ecommerce platform. We can give all the features that are available in bigbasket and can make you compete with all online grocery platform leaders.

6. Does Zielcommerce come with mobile apps for buyers and delivery staff?

Zielcommerce comes with 2 separate mobile apps. One for buyers and another for the delivery person. The grocery store software interface is user-friendly and will let the user to comfortably access all the features that are available in the grocery ecommerce platform.

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