July 14, 2024

How to Start an Online Optical Store – A Complete Guide

Online eyewear business is a perfect business plan as people started approaching online eyewear stores to purchase glasses to wear. High competition can be sensed in this field as users get more flexibility when they shop in an online optical store.

The target audience is not restricted to users with vision issues. Nowadays people wear eyeglasses as they find it more fashionable. So the target audience is a huge group and so the business conversion is easily achievable. Now let us identify the ways to create your own eyewear line.

Why is Starting an Online Optical Business a Good Idea?

To understand this question you need to foresee the future of the online optical business. Let us find out the real facts about the scope of online optical business through statistical reports.

  • The impact of COVID-19 and work from home process has widely affected the vision of workers and around 45% of users have approached online optical stores in 2021.
  • Eyewear market volume was $31 billion in the USA by the year 2018 and it is projected to increase 11% in 2021.
  • Eyewear frames have contributed around 27% in overall eyewear market revenue and people consider frames to be fashionable accessories.
  • AI-based features like facial analysis and product visualization are used around 24% on online optical stores that have contributed better returns.

How will the Store Look Like?

To build a successful online optical store you need to have a clear eyewear business plan that will have a display plan on how your optical store should look like. For more reference you can check with any leading online optical stores as mentioned below.

  • Lenskart – Lenskart has a crystal clear business vision and this branded store holds more than 5000+ styles of eyewear. They offer global standards to all users and provide a seamless shopping experience.
  • Coolwinks – Coolwinks offers trendiest eyewear at affordable prices. The traffic of this optical store is increased as the brand offers free eye tests. Lenses are assured to have zero error and meet world class quality.
  • Specsmakers – one of the fastest growing online optical stores in India that has a mission of delivering high-quality glasses with affordable prices. They support unconditional warranty that attracts customers well. 

Step-by-step Guide to Start an Online Optical Shop?

From ordinary glasses to prescription glasses you can set your own online optical shop by focusing on customers’ preferences. To make your online optical store a successful one you have listed down a few tactics. Hope it will be useful for your eyewear business plan.

From ordinary glasses to prescription glasses you can set your own online optical shop by focusing on customers’ preferences. To make your online optical store a successful one you have listed down a few tactics.

Have a clear Planning

Every business needs proper planning and strategy that will make it move towards its goal. When you plan to open an online optical store then you should have a detailed plan about the area of coverage, your suppliers, your investment and your target audience.

Additionally, you should have a perfect promotional strategy that will easily promote your online store to your audience. Also, check with pricing with your competitors and have affordable pricing plans for your glasses.

Get Proper License for your Business

The essential part of a business is to stay compliant with rules and regulations that are followed in the state/country in you start your business. Getting a license is a crucial aspect of your business. This will help you to face all legal issues in a better way.

Along with getting a license, you need to register for taxes. Every country will follow their own tax procedures and once should strictly follow the tax rules. While billing a product, your invoice should include the respective taxes without fail.

Study the Market

Understanding the market is the key aspect that will help you to lead a successful business. Always check with market demands and how well your competitors are performing in the market. This understanding will give you a clear picture of how much stock you need to maintain and what unique strategies should be used to attract customers.

You can also plan your budget wisely as you will be clear with what the market demands. With proper funding you can have an uninterrupted business that will help you to reach your business goal.

Find Reliable Suppliers

If you plan to build a multi vendor optical store you need to get connected with multiple suppliers. Quality of glasses is the main aspect that you need to look into. You should check the quality of the product served by your suppliers. If their quality is not up to your expectation then you should reject them from your platform just to secure your credibility.

Must-have Features for Sell Prescription‌ ‌Glasses‌ ‌Online‌ ‌

Get proper domain registration and launch your online optical store with the help of a hosting service provider. Have a proper eyewear business plan with excellent marketing techniques that will support you in promoting the brand easily.

By following all the above measures you can easily create your own eyewear line. But building an online optical store alone will not get you returns. You need to focus on features that will truly inspire all user groups.

Let us get to know the significant features that are mandatory for any online optical store.

Admin Features

  • Payment Methods – Should support flexible payment methods that will help sellers and buyers to pay money to the platform and admin should be able to track all transactions.
  • Manage Sellers – When you have multiple sellers you need to have an effective seller management system that will handle all sellers and will check and clear all their issues with the platform
  • Wide Range Of Products – The platform should support a wide range of products. Only then you can easily focus on a wider audience.
  • SEO Management – For better search engine ranking and gaining greater visibility the platform should be search engine optimized.

Vendor Features

  • Responsive Vendor Panel – Every vendor should have a dedicated vendor panel that will give a clear picture about their business, their orders and sale value.
  • Shop Page – Unique shop page features should be available as each vendor can customize their shop page and meet their customers’ expectations.
  • Bulk Upload of Products – Adding products should never be a difficult task for any vendor. Your platform should support bulk product upload that will positively save vendors’ time
  • Manage Orders – Order management has a crucial role in any online platform. Proper notification should be sent to vendors and customers and orders should be delivered on-time.
  • Social Login – Easy login procedure is needed to sign-in with your platform. Vendors may be non-technical people but all are familiar with social media platforms. The platform should allow them to have social media login.

Customer Features

  • Order Tracker – Customers will always be curious about their orders. So your platform should support a real-time tracking facility. This will make them feel comfortable about their orders and can plan their availability for the delivery.
  • Wishlist – Let your customers add and store their favorite products in the wishlist and they can use it later to buy.
  • Refer And Earn – allow customers to refer their friends and relatives and let them earn through an effective referral program.
  • Easy Payment – Your platform should provide multiple payment options that will facilitate buyers to use any of the options of their convenience. Let the payment gateways that are integrated with the platform be more familiar and also secured.
  • Store Locator- The platform should be linked with Google mapping that will allow buyers to locate the nearby optical stores.

Build Online Optical Store With ZielCommerce

With a clear understanding, you can now implement your eyewear business plan. To make it easier we can suggest you go for Zielcommerce, a reputed and most recommended readymade online optical platform.

Zielcommerce inherits all essential features that will suit your optical business as they have a better market understanding. The platform comes at an affordable price and it fits into any business type.

Multiple revenue streams are integrated that will support you in getting more returns. The trustworthy customer support will assist you in running your optical business and will help you to reach your business goals.


Now you have an idea of how to start an optical shop online. What you have gained so far is literal knowledge. You need to implement these ideas and should find a solution for your online business. Always keep an eye on your competitors and find out their key plans to attract more audiences.

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