November 29, 2023

Zielcommerce Certified As Great User Experience & Rising Star Award By Comparecamp (2021)

The thriving and booming features of Zielcommerce is acknowledged by CompareCamp and has been awarded “Great User Experience” and “Rising Star” for the year 2021. It is a special honour to be recognized by CompareCamp who are leaders in the B2B product reviewing sector. CompareCamp has a perfect review team that is composed of industry experts who are well enough to analyze, evaluate and also compare various B2B products and its features that are available in the market. Comparecamp has higher credibility among readers who trust the reviews given by their experts.

Zielcommerce is a renowned readymade marketplace solution that delivers an excellent user experience and completely deserves this “Great User Experience” award. The user-friendly interface lets users handle the platform effectively. The well-known fact is around 87% of online buyers use their smartphones to order products and so Zielcommerce comes with perfect mobile responsive design that has major attraction on mobile users.

This application comes with one-time payment that facilitates users to buy the product along with a lifetime license with single payment. The platform comes with 100% customization and allows users to carve the application to fit into their own business model.

Zielcommerce inherits flexible monetization models that will let users increase their revenue stream and provides an end-to-end marketplace solution to each user. This platform gets easily adapted to latest technological advancements and gives smart outcomes to your business operations.

Users can expand their business without minding about the platform compatibility as the application is perfectly scalable. Zielcommerce possesses additional features like simplified database management, unique profile management and advanced analytics that guide users to streamline their workflow and let them gain optimum experience through the platform.

Zielcommerce provides an on-demand solution with an innovative content management system and through content-based filtering buyers can easily get on to the product page they search for. This has gained the platform “The Rising Star of 2021” award as the platform provides opportunity for more innovations and delivers unique functionalities that satisfies the end-user and has increased the positive reviews about this platform. Zielcommerce is flexible with any third-party API and gets integrated with them with less effort.

This has gained much attention from every startup and middle-sized organization who are utilizing third-party platforms to simplify their business operations.

Without your support and guidance, we would have not reached this milestone easily. We are so grateful to our users and we expect the same support throughout our future endeavors. We also extend our thanks to the CompareCamp team who has invested their potential time in recognizing us and making us more prominent in this industry.

Keep supporting us and we will ensure to give our best and will make our users to achieve their professional goals through our feature-rich platform.


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