June 12, 2024
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How To Successfully Sell Jewelry Online To Drive 10x Sales on Your Ecommerce Store

The jewelry industry has a crucial role in contributing to India’s economy. This industry has faced major digital transformation and today you can easily find thousands of online jewelry platforms where users sell jewelry online.

This has increased the investors’ appetite and many entrepreneurs understood the key importance of building a jewelry marketplace platform that can support them in easily reaching their audience.

If you think about how to start a jewelry business online, then you need to go through the insights of this industry.

Stats about the Major Online Jewelry Shopping Trends

  • At the initial stage, by 2017, the jewelry market was contributing less than 1% of the total eCommerce market in India.
  • By 2020, $135 million jewels were sold online through the jewelry platform and are expected to reach $2 billion by 2022.
  • The current statistical reports state that the online jewelry market contributes 5 to 7% to the eCommerce industry in India alone.

How to Start a Profitable Jewelry Business Online

Competing with existing jewelry eCommerce giants is quite a challenging process and needs more determination. Let us find out ways that will make every small business beat the competition and standalone in the market.

Build your Own Jewelry Platform – this is the entry-level that needs more attention. This is where you are going to sell jewelry online. The platform should be well-developed with all essential features like payment gateways, shipping integration, and many more.

Optimize your Platform to be SEO-friendly – it is very essential to build an online presence that will make your audience reach you easily. Building an SEO platform will get you easy search engine page ranking and you will be visible in all search engines.

Use Social Media for Promotion – all your audience will be active on the social media platforms. You cannot avoid this platform. You should create your own social media pages and keep posting about your products and services. The website traffic will be automatically increased and you will start getting the conversion.

Invest in Paid Advertisements – there are many paid advertisements channels and you need to identify which will suit your business and should invest on that particular channel and reach your buyers with less effort.

Build an Effective Content Marketing Strategy – content has the power to grab the attention of your audience and let them stay on your platform and will make them buy your products. All you need is to have a perfect content marketing strategy that will work well for your business.

Get connected with influencers – around 49% of buyers strongly rely on what their influencers recommend. So, it is important to get connected to influencers as it is one of the easiest ways to increase your website traffic and get more leads.

Jewelry eCommerce Store Business Model for Maximum Profit

If you want to know how to sell jewelry online successfully then you should be clear with the marketplace business model it follows.

  • Buyers enter the jewelry website and will search and find items they want and will select the item they would like to purchase.
  • The item will be added and stored in the shopping cart.
  • Buyers will fill out the checkout process by giving the complete details.
  • Payment is done through payment gateways that are integrated with the ecommerce marketplace platform or through other payment options.
  • The admin of the platform receives the payment and will start the process.
  • The final product is delivered to the customer.

Must-Have Features to Start An Online Jewelry Shopping Store

Features will connect you to more sellers and also to your buyers. Well-analyzed features should be integrated with your jewelry platform. Let us have a quick look at must-have features.

  • Better UI & UX are mandatory for any online platform as they can attract more audiences to the marketplace and can give better returns.
  • Advanced search and filtering options will support buyers to easily find their product and will take them to the exact product page.
  • Familiar payment gateway integration is essential that will make buyers comfortable using them for payment transactions without hesitation.
  • A secured platform is the most crucial factor that every buyer will consider. So, the platform should be SSL certified.
  • Allow your customers to share their reviews and rate the product and your services that will help you to enhance your business.
  • Social media integration will get greater visibility to your platform and you can easily cover a wide range of audiences.
  • Make your platform to be mobile-friendly as you need to cover more mobile audiences.

What Are the Biggest Challenges For Selling Jewelry?

Every business has its own challenges that have to be confronted to grow further. Likewise, the jewelry industry has a few challenges that you need to know before you start selling jewelry online.

  • The product has a diversified audience and reaching out to them is quite difficult.
  • Delivering products on time is not as easy as we think. Some cases may have wrong deliveries and some may have delayed deliveries.
  • Online payment gateways that you integrate with your jewelry platform should be secure.
  • Returns, refunds, are very tedious to handle.

How Can ZielCommerce Help You Overcome These Challenges And Drive More Sales For Your Online Jewelry Store?

Zielcommerce is a well-reputed jewelry marketplace platform that can easily identify your business needs and can act accordingly to gain assured returns. The eye-catching UI & UX can get you more audience and the user-friendly platform will give a seamless shopping experience to users.

Key elements that zielcommerce possess to support your jewelry business

  • Offers unlimited product listing to sellers that will support sellers in expanding their profit.
  • Zielcommerce has a dedicated mobile application that will give more flexibility to users to access the platform.
  • Through in-built marketing tools, users can easily build their brand identity among their audience.
  • A dedicated management dashboard will support the admin to analyze the business performance through clear insights.
  • Buyers and sellers can have their orders tracked and can get the status of the order through notifications.

All the above prominent features will prove zielcommerce to be a perfect choice to elevate your jewelry business online.


So far, we have walked through the path of building a perfect jewelry platform and we have understood the challenges that you need to face and features that are compulsory for your platform to get better returns. You need to still analyze your competitors and the unique strategy they follow in gaining customers. Have your own way of doing the business and get hold of the market.

Get started by creating your Online Jewelry Ecommerce Store

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