November 29, 2023
Hyperlocal Marketplace

How Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model Works – To Quick Start On-Demand Delivery Business

The tremendous growth of internet usage & the convenience of online payment have set a way for hyperlocal delivery. It has become a great platform that mutually benefits customers & merchants. The demand for the hyperlocal delivery business has increased in India and it expected to cross 2 crores by the end of 2021.

What is Hyperlocal On-demand Delivery Model?

A hyperlocal delivery market can be easily termed as a neighborhood local bazaar where people can get their service that can be like grocery, flowers, vegetable, restaurants, saloon, and many more. The hyperlocal on-demand is totally a location-based eCommerce that customizes the services that the customers highly prefer. The platform ensures that the products delivered to the customers in a very short span of time.

How Hyperlocal Marketplace & On Demand Delivery Business Model Works?

How A Hyperlocal Marketplace Works

The hyperlocal marketplace caters the needs of a limited geographical area. Food ordering, grocery delivery & many more personal services have taken a new route of hyperlocal eCommerce platforms. Now let us understand how the hyperlocal marketplace works.

The goods and services provided to the customers by utilizing the offline stores that are available within the proximity of the nearby distance. Through hyperlocal marketplace website or through the mobile app or even by making a call, users can place orders.

The sellers who have registered themselves with the hyperlocal marketplace will get to know about the order and will deliver the product within the timeline. To make it more simplified to understand the whole process carried out in steps as mentioned below.

Hyperlocal Marketplace Works
  • The location of the user who has order the goods or service tracked.
  • By knowing the nearby sellers, the user places the order.
  • Instant notification will be sent to the respective seller.
  • The seller accepts the order, the delivery boy will pick the product & will deliver it to the user.

How A Hyperlocal Delivery Business Model Works

The supply chain of the hyperlocal delivery is restricted to a small area. The buyer places the order and the seller assigns a delivery boy for that order. The products are delivered to the buyer through the delivery boy. The seller communicates to the buyer either through WhatsApp, SMS even through a phone call. The payment can be done by the buyer by cash or even by online payment. The seller will receive the amount through the marketplace after the fixed period of time agreed by the seller while signing with the marketplace platform.

Different Hyperlocal Delivery Model in

The hyperlocal on-demand delivery has come across different verticals that benefit the customers. Customer can demand and get the goods or services easily. This platform is a boon for all local shop owners. Let us study more on the hyperlocal delivery model detail.

On-Demand Services

This on demand service model delivers all kinds of home services like beauty care, house maintenance, monthly grocery ordering, and many more. One good example is the Urban Clap that is getting popular nowadays. This application has set a milestone in this era of eCommerce. The hyperlocal marketplace platform facilitates customers to get their demand to be fulfilled with the nearby professionals.  

On-Demand Booking

Online booking and rental always have a separate customer base. People feel comfortable in booking the service they require from wherever they are. The booking can be for room booking, fixing an appointment with the doctor or even can request a ride. One fine example for this type of model is Uber. Once the customer places the request the nearby vehicle is allotted for the ride.

A Step-by-step Guide to Building a Hyperlocal On Demand Delivery Network

  1. Be confident about the product you choose – Entering into an eCommerce platform you need to be clear about the product that you are going to sell. You should have a clear analysis regarding the demand for the product.
  2. Focus your target audience – Without analyzing your target audience there is no point of launching the product or a service. Make sure that you have the right people who can use your platform within your geographical area.
  3. Build partnership – You are set with the product & your audience, you need to find delivery partners & sellers to join your platform. The real success of the hyperlocal delivery relies on the teamwork you have with your team.
  4. Choose the revenue model – One should wisely select the revenue model that can bring good returns to the business. You need to have a perfect commission plan that will ensure the mutual benefits for the sellers & the admin.
  5. Prioritize in developing a mobile app – Your hyperlocal on demand delivery should have a dedicated mobile app that allows users to access your platform comfortably. You need to draw all mobile users to your site. Make sure that you have enriched UI/UX design.

Zielcommerce Helps You to Start A Hyperlocal Delivery Business Easily

Zielcommerce is a reliable and customizable application that can benefit your business by uplifting the sales. The beginning cost of zielcommerce hyperlocal marketplace software is pretty economical for any hyperlocal startups. The store owners, the sellers and the users need different features. Zielcommerce can fulfill all the demands of all the three. The sellers can enjoy the transparency of the application to the core. By putting minimum effort you can gain maximum result with Zielcommerce.

Features Of Hyperlocal Delivery

Admin features

  • One time cost with free installation
  • Completely customizable
  • Own the source code
  • Setup different types of filters based on distance, zip code, city and country.
  • Social login options
  • Managing commissions and sales
  • Multiple online payment methods
  • Review and rating system
  • Shipment scheduling

Retailers’ features

  • Exclusive profile page for each retailer.
  • Ability to edit and delete the shipping options
  • Track customers’ current location
  • Display shipping rates according to the region
  • Can have multiple locations for the delivery.
  • Easy branding and promotion
  • Simple inventory management

Buyers’ features

  • Able to select the nearby stores
  • Individual login and account
  • Personalized search and filtering options
  • View the rating and review of the product
  • Track your product and know the delivery time
  • Secured payment options
  • On-demand pickup and delivery

Hyperlocal on demand delivery is definitely an upcoming sector for ecommerce industry. The scope of this platform is high and one can invest in this platform and can get greater returns. In this global pandemic period hyperlocal delivery can serve the best.


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