April 20, 2024

How to Build an Online Salon Appointment Booking Website with ZielCommerce

People hardly get time to go to the salon after completing their job and it is difficult for them to book an appointment priorly by visiting the salon or connecting them through a call and then again visiting the salon on the day of the appointment.

To simplify this, every salon needs a perfect salon booking website to facilitate customers booking their appointment online and get their services either by visiting the salon shop or by getting the stylist to their place. To survive in the market, every salon shop needs to get more new and recurring appointments and for this, they need to rely on a booking website.

  • The haircare market is expected to grow up to $87 million by the end of 2023.
  • Salon business in the U.S. has gained 0.6% growth in 2021.
  • 43% of clients are willing to pay extra when they get a satisfying service.
  • One of the main reasons for poor client experience is noted when the salon doesn’t support an online booking platform.
  • 93% of clients check with google reviews before selecting their salon service provider.
  • Mobile searches for “best salon service provider” have increased 65% from 2019 to 2021.

Essential Features for Creating Salon Booking Website

To boost salon business and increase revenue, you need to have the best features that can satisfy all user groups including admin, salon owners, and clients. Now let us find out the must-have features that will escalate the traffic of your salon booking website.

Homepage Highlights – this is the first page that any client will look into and this should impress them. So, you need to have all your services listed with attractive content along with CTA. This will support you in getting bookings easily as clients can find their concerning services on the home page itself.

Beautician/Salon Search – the client may be more specific regarding their salon services. For this, your salon booking website should allow them to search and find their favorite stylist that will facilitate them to instantly book their appointments with the concerned salon or stylist and its effective salon management tips.

 Salon/Stylist Page – a dedicated page should be given for the salon/ stylist and their entire experience should be shared on that page. This will help clients to know more about the salon/stylist and their quality of work.

 Booking an Appointment – an exclusive appointment booking page should be available on your salon booking website. This will help clients to get straight to the appointment booking process if they are regular customers. This will save their time and they will keep visiting your salon platform again and again.

 User Profile Options – salon appointment booking website should offer an individual profile page to all users of the platform. Users can update their personal information on this page and salon owners/stylists will be able to view the profile and can know more about their clients.

 Sign-up for Professionals – the easy sign-up process should be integrated with your appointment booking website for the salon. This will make professionals feel comfortable in registering themselves with your salon business and can start earning with you.

 Multiple payment gateways – the salon booking website should be well-integrated with multiple payment gateways that are secured and familiar in the market. This can support your salon business by getting you instant payment processing.

How Does It Cost To Develop A Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Website

Estimating the final cost for building the best salon booking website is a challenging task as it involves many factors and variables that can go beyond the budget. We need to have a firm determination on what exactly we need in our salon booking website and should start building the booking platform accordingly.

Developing a booking website for a salon can be done either by hiring the best website developer or by purchasing a readymade salon platform. Building the platform from scratch is really time-consuming and you may lose your business to your competitors for taking more time in reaching your audience.

In this case, to reach the market instantly you need to prefer readymade software. A readymade salon platform will have all the essential features that are needed to run your salon business effectively. Today you can find thousands of readymade platforms that can confuse you in selecting one.

We strongly recommend Zielcommerce for your salon business. The platform has its own unique salon booking website features and can easily attract an audience and assure your better conversions.

How ZielCommer can help you with Building On-Demand Spa & Salon Appointment Booking Software?

Zielcommerce is the most reliable on-demand salon booking platform that supports salon owners and professional stylists to handle their day-to-day business operations in an automated manner. Users can expect better customer engagement as the salon websites will have multiple communication channels that will keep customers engaged all the time.

The built-in payment processor that includes the leading and reputed gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. offers customers a comfortable salon booking experience. Users can get connected with your salon business through a website or through a dedicated mobile application. The customizable and scalable salon business website will let you fulfill your clients’ demands.

Unique highlights of Zielcommerce

  • One-time payment – Pay once and own the source along with the lifetime license. There will not be any hidden charges while purchasing Zielcommerce.
  • On-time scheduling – the booking page is synchronized with the Calendar and when clients request an appointment, scheduling is processed through automation.
  • In-built marketing tools – promoting your salon business is quite easy and simple with Zielcommerce as it inherits multiple marketing tools. You can minimize your marketing expenses when you use this salon booking platform.
  • Push notification – reminders and alert notifications are sent through automation to clients and salon owners/stylists with the help of the Push notification feature. This will help them not to miss any appointments.
  • Mobile application – Zielcommerce comes with a dedicated mobile application that can run on both Android and iOS devices. This will increase your customer base.
  • Social media integration – all social media platforms are integrated with your salon booking website that will facilitate users to reach your booking website directly from their social media pages.
  • Easy third-party API integration – you may have much business supporting software to simplify your business operations. Zielcommerce can easily integrate any third-party API without much effort.
  • Performance analyzer – with the help of advanced analytics and reporting features, you can easily analyze how well your salon business is performing and can also take necessary measures to enhance your business.

All the above-mentioned features and modules come with affordable pricing and you can trust Zielcommerce as it holds the greatest credibility in the market.


If you really want to invest your money in a trending business then it is recommended to invest in a salon booking platform. A perfect marketplace platform will determine the growth and longevity of your business. Give more time in analyzing the platform and understand the market and its demand. Have a platform with all basic features initially and once your business gets a high customer base you can think about expanding its functionalities.

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