November 29, 2023
Build Booking Website Like Airbnb

How to build a Vacation Rental booking website like Airbnb & Cost Factors

Airbnb is one of the most revenue reliable vacation rental e-commerce websites. Its unique feature of providing accommodation renting services to the peer-to-peer marketplace has gained overwhelmed attention and recognition during the past decade.

“Are you eager to develop the next Airbnb? “

It is well known that any reliable product or service will have greater competition. So there is no wonder that Airbnb has also gained more competition. Every developer wishes to have a clone website of Airbnb mainly because the users are familiar with Airbnb functionalities. So there won’t be any difficulty in promoting the site.

In this article, we will discuss in detail about Airbnb and its unique features that make Airbnb stand alone in the market. Also, we will analyze the platform that is implemented and how one can develop a website similar to Airbnb and earn more profit. So get ready to develop an excellent and efficient vacation rental e-commerce website.

How does Airbnb Platform works?

In order to develop an e-commerce website like Airbnb, one should first understand how it really works and how is it possible to earn profit with that platform?

First, let us get to know about the free plan that Airbnb follows. For each and every single booking the website will receive 3% of the money transaction made. According to the value or the standard of the apartment, the guest pays from 6% to 12%.

Each apartment pictures are professionally displayed so that the visitors are easily attracted to it. It is quite unbelievable that this site covers more than 191 countries and 65 cities all over the world. It also possesses an exclusive searching option that is based on machine learning. It also mainly focuses on building trust in the market that will also increase its revenue generation. So in order to earn we need to have a proper marketing strategy that suits our business.

How Does Airbnb Work?

Airbnb Business Model

Airbnb follows a simple business model that is a multi-sided marketplace that really connects travelers with the hosts. Without owning any rooms it experiences as a perfect service provider.

What are the core features of an Airbnb-like booking website:

  •  Last-minute accommodation – this major feature helps travelers who have unplanned trips. They can find a place to stay even at their last-minute search.
  •  Save favorite rental homes and places – People always give priority to their favorites. So if they experienced a pleasant stay in their previous visit they can store that place in their favorites. This is one of the coolest features that any traveler will love to have.
  •  Inviting friends with a single click – people love to have a combined trip with their friends. Airbnb allows you to invite your friends by sharing your booking place and allowing them to know about your trip.
  • Easy booking – this is the foremost feature that is highly expected by travelers. Airbnb has a simple and easy booking facility that will not allow its travelers to get into a complicated session of booking.
  • Real-time notifications – it is very essential to keep your customers notified about the drop in price and any offers. Simultaneously once you book a room you need to be notified of the confirmation of booking.
  • Rating and Review to share – this feature will promote your business easily. People love to share their reviews and grade the service they have enjoyed.

Technology Stack Does Airbnb Used

Programming languages – Ruby and Javascript.are the main programming languages used.

JavaScript framework – to gain a perfect user interface React is the best solution and so React is used as a JavaScript framework.

Key-value storage –to provide a key/value database we need to have Redis that provides a flexible cache infrastructure.

Web server -Nginx is a robust HTTP and proxy server that mainly performs in speeding up the content delivery, in order to assure the flexibility and the security of Airbnb. Nginx is also being used by the leading industry giants like Instagram, Netflix, and Zappos.

Cloud databaseAirbnb moved its main MySQL database to Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) mainly to support its demand.

Cloud storage – Airbnb uses Amazon S3 cloud storage that holds one-third of the market share globally.

Cloud hosting – Airbnb’s traffic is efficiently distributed by Amazon EC2 that can handle even during the sudden traffic fluctuations and ensures that the system performs well.

Big Data tools – Airbnb is gaining more volume of user data and it needs to be organized well. Big data tools like Presto, Druid, Airpal are used to manage the data

How to Build a Airbnb like Booking Website

To create a perfect website like Airbnb we need to concentrate on the below-mentioned things. This will guide us to succeed in our mission of creating a clone of Airbnb.

Purchase a perfect domain

The domain name is the name through which you are addressed to the digital world. One should be more careful while selecting the domain name for the business. The domain name should match your business name at the same time it should be short in letter count so that it can be easily memorable. It will also help you in promoting your brand.

Get Hosting

The website needs to be stored on special computers called hosting servers. This will help to access the website over the internet. Find a perfect web hosting company that is trustworthy to store your website in its server so that it can be accessed 24/7. The hosting company should provide you support in case any issues arise.

Create a suitable Website like Airbnb

The importance of having a website for a business is a well known fact and every businessman will never ignore it. It is advisable to create a website that supports all current features. One such platform is Magento. Magento is one of the world’s leading ecommerce solutions. Around 26% of ecommerce websites are built with this platform. Magento is a feature-rich ecommerce development platform that can deliver an impressive interface for any business. It provides easy third party integration and also possesses advanced search engine optimization. It contains a versatile content management and gives mobile friendly configuration.

Concentrate on UI & UX design

The success of any business website relies on the users’ satisfaction and pleasure that are gained because of the UI & UX of the website. An excellent user interface will get an instant attraction of visitors to the website whereas a perfect user experience will put a lasting impact in the visitors’ mind. Since the UI & UX enhances the customer’s satisfaction, this will increase the ROI. This will also support us to build our brand and gain more credibility.

Deploy the site

This is the final stage of your website development. By deploying the site you are making it accessible all over the world. So before you deploy to make sure that your website is tested properly and it is totally bug-free. The hosting company where you have purchased the space will take care of moving your site live. Make sure that you have a backup of your files and also the hosting space needs to be renewed periodically. Now your site is live. 

How much does it cost to build Airbnb Clone

The exact costing depends on the exact requirement of the site. There are many factors that influence the costing. Starting from domain registration and hosting, we need to select the platform and design. According to our budget, we can have a platform. The developer’s cost is a separate one. It depends on the number of hours required to develop your website. Also, you may give your own content else the developer themselves will create content for you that will cost separately. For more functionalities and features we may need to use more plugins. Most of them are paid plugins.

During the time of deployment, we may ask for additional pages or functionalities. All these will influence the costing to build a website.

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