June 12, 2024
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Handmade Marketplaces for Artisans to Sell Crafts, Art, Gifts Online

The Internet has brought everything to our fingertips. A wide range of products are displayed before us and we can sit at home and get those products at our doorsteps with just a few clicks. Now we can even get handmade crafts online and this market is getting a huge response from the audience.

Let us get into details about building our crafts career and where to sell handmade items and start our earning.

Successfully Launch your Crafts Career

Many people will have their hobby as crafting. The best part is they can convert their hobby into a business and can get better returns. Let us identify things that are to be considered to launch our crafts career.

  • First, do enough research on market demands as it will help you in maintaining your inventory.
  • As there is a huge competition you need to have unique products that can be differentiated from your competitors.
  • Know more about your target audience and identify on which platform they will be actively present.
  • Pick up a perfect and catchy business name that can be easily registered in your customers’ minds.
  • Build a perfect website that will offer better product details and supports online ordering. for better understanding, you can go through other handmade craft websites.
  • Prefer reliable sources to make your handmade products as quality matters when it comes to selling.
  • Arrange genuine shipping logistics who can deliver your products with utter care and can assure on-time delivery.

What kinds of Craft Items sell best?

When you decide to sell handmade items online, you need to know what are trending crafts that have a huge market demand. This will help you to start making money with less effort. This article will help you to know the fast-selling handmade items.

  • Jewelry – this is one of the easiest crafts that can be made and sold online. It can attract more audiences as people always have a craze for jewelry items especially handmade jewelry items. The jewelry market worth is $2.9 billion in the U.S alone and the demand keeps increasing.
  • Planners and accessories – consumers show special interest in organizing their life and career and they need a perfect planner that can streamline their works. In Etsy, planners and planner accessories are highly sold products in 2021. You can create daily, monthly, weekly planners, and even fitness and wellness planners.
  • Crochet and knitted products – this is a perfect fit for users who prefer needle arts. You can create many products using your needle. It can be from beanies to sweaters to bags to face masks.
  • Candles – the most lucrative business is selling candles online. Although we have advanced technologies that offer betting lighting still people have a personal connection with candles as they are mainly used in all religious functions and even on most birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Gifting items and decoration items – people prefer to give gifts to their loved ones and they want their gifts to be unique and more memorable. Handmade gift items have gained more attention and it has been noted to be one of the most sold products in 2020.
  • Pet toys – Americans spend almost $99 billion in 2021 for their pets. This shows how pets are important to them. So, pet toys have gained more attention in the U.S and it is good to focus on this market and get a huge profit.

Where Can I Sell Handmade Items Online?

Now you are clear with which handmade products have greater market demand and you could have even chosen your product now. The next stage is to search for the best website to sell handmade items. Below have mentioned the most reputed handmade craft websites that will be useful for you to start your selling process.

  • Amazon handmade – Amazon is a renowned marketplace platform that covers millions of products and it also focuses on handmade items. You can join the platform and can start selling online.
  • Etsy – The leading marketplace platform that is exclusively built to sell handmade items. This platform should be your first priority when you plan to sell your handmade crafts. The platform supports sellers with the best listing fee.
  • Bonanza – one of the most popular global marketplace platforms that have a special focus on handmade items. Currently, the platform holds more than 600,000 handmade items listings and supports sellers with additional advertisement options.
  • eBay – eBay is an auction-based web portal that sells a wide range of products. Sellers display their product with the bidding value and buyers will bid on the product. Whoever bids the highest value will get the product.
  • Facebook marketplace – this is one of the fastest-growing marketplace platforms that has millions of users.  Whatever products posted on this platform will get greater reach and returns are highly guaranteed.

How do I Price My Handmade items?

Pricing plays a vital role in order conversion. People will always look for the pricing and immediately they will compare the cost with your competitors. If they found that your competitors are giving the product for a low price then they will give orders to others.

Before you set your marginal price you need to analyze the competitors’ price and check what description they have given for the product. Your pricing should be reasonable which means neither too low nor too high. You also need to have an effective content marketing system that will convince your buyers about your product and will make them buy it.

Create Your Own Handmade eCommerce Marketplace

Many handmade crafts websites have successfully reached their audience and are doing their business in a better way. You have 2 common ways of selling handmade items online

Get Connected With Any Reputed eCommerce Marketplace – this is preferred by most sellers as they may not have enough knowledge to build their own platform. Instead, they will just get themselves registered with any existing well-known marketplace and they will sell their products through them and will pay commission for each order.

Building your Own Handmade Craft Website – if you are more specific about this business then you can put all your efforts into building your own platform and reaching your target audience. You can be a single seller for your platform or can connect multiple sellers to your marketplace and can make it a multi vendor platform.


Complete guidance has been given regarding selling handmade items online. Now it is your time to decide on how to proceed and take your business to next level. You can reach out any eCommerce builder and can get technical support that will scale your business.

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