November 29, 2023
Dubizzle Clone App

Dubizzle Clone App – How to Build A Classified Marketplace App Like Dubizzle

Classified ads are the most traditional form of advertising products or services. Initially, it was posted in newspapers and now it has taken a digital transformation today we can find numerous buy and sell marketplace platforms available for customers.

Reaching the target audience has become easier with online platforms. With a proper marketing strategy, users can attain their business goals. Dubizzle is one of the leading classified ad listing platform that has effectively used the online platform as a tool to fulfill its business demands.

Success of Dubizzle Is Really Inspiring

Dubizzle is a UAE-based user-generated classified and community portal that allows users to buy, sell, or search for things within its community. Dubizzle is established as a mobile-first company that has 63% of users who use mobile apps to access the platform.

Dubbizle is recorded to be one of the top three shopping apps and no.1 lifestyle app in the UAE. The marketplace currently holds more than 240 million active users and gets 17 billion monthly visits. The platform also gains 50 million page views per month and 3 million hits.

The success of this platform has inspired many aspiring entrepreneurs and many of them started showing interest in making an app like dubizzle. Before we try to build an app like Dubizzle we need to know its extensive features in detail.

Get A Complete Dubizzle Clone Toolkit To Help Your Classified Business Outshine

  • Scalability – the platform supports users to expand their business by offering more flexibility. Users can store huge data and can use them to understand more about customers’ buying behavior and offer them personalized services.
  • Set location – the marketplace allows users to set their region from where they want to buy and sell products. This can be done with the help of the map and this will let them find local products.
  • Easy product images upload – users can easily upload their product images in the platform that will allow buyers to view them and this will increase the conversion rate. Sellers can give proper descriptions about their products that will help buyers to understand more about them.
  • Product categorization – multiple sellers will post multiple products and this will make it difficult for buyers to find them. The marketplace platform offers a product categorization facility that will make sellers list their products under categories and make them easily visible to buyers.
  • In-App chat – easy interaction between sellers and buyers will reduce unwanted confusion regarding the product. This is facilitated by the platform as Dubizzle clone supports in-app chat and will let sellers and buyers to communicate freely.
  • Seller-centric services – sellers need special attention and if your platform fails to do so then you cannot retain your sellers. Dubizzle clone will have exclusive features to satisfy the seller group.
  • Buyer-centric services – to acquire more customers and to get repeated orders from them, you need to focus on delighting your customers with some advanced features that will save them money. Dubizzle clone app will never fail to impress its customers.

End-to-end Features To Make Your App Like Dubizzle Stand Out

The two major user groups of this Dubizzle clone app are the admin and the customer. Dedicated features are to be integrated to satisfy each user group.

Salient Features for Customer App

  • Social media login – allow your customers to enter your platform with their social media credentials that will save their time in entering all their personal details again.
  • Geotagging – let them find the nearby sellers list that will help them to reach them in person and buy products without any difficulty.
  • Wishlist – grant your customers to store their favorite products in their Wishlist. They may not need to buy them immediately but later they will buy them.
  • Multiple product images – users may need more space to add more images of their products. Dubizzle clone will let users have multiple product images that will get them easy conversion.
  • Social media sharing – to gain better visibility, you need to promote your brand on social media channels. You need to let your users share their products in their social media pages that will get you better brand recognition.
  • Order history – users should be allowed to access the record of their buying and selling through the platform. This will increase the credibility of your platform among your customers.
  • Related products – the dubizzle clone app will suggest to users on related products that will create a demand in their minds to buy them. This will increase your sales and revenue.

Managing Your Dubizzle Clone App Gets Simpler With Powerful Admin Dashboard

  • User management – the admin can allow his employees to have certain access to the features and can have restrictions on them. Also, the admin can manage every single customer and can either accept or remove them from the platform.
  • Category management – the admin needs to monitor whether all products are organized by their category. This will give easy access to users and can find their products easily.
  • Manage gallery – users will upload images related to their products. The admin should check each image and make sure they are related to the product else he can remove them from the platform.
  • Manage paymentsmultiple payment transactions happen within the app. The admin should manage all payments, keep a track of them and analyze the revenue source periodically.
  • Check reviews and feedback – customers are allowed to share their reviews and feedback about the product and the service rendered by the platform. The admin needs to view all feedback and should enhance the performance of the platform.
  • Analytics and reporting – get a clear insight about your marketplace and know how well it is performing in the market with the help of analytics and reporting tools.

How to Build Your Own Fully Functional Classified Dubizzle Clone App

Developing a dedicated mobile application will let your business have more benefits. You can be more focused on your goals and attract customers for your classified business. Let us find out the key benefits of having a Dubizzle clone app.

  • Better accessibility – through your mobile application you are offering better accessibility to your users. This will provide them with a seamless shopping experience and they will find it more comfortable to order products from their smartphones.
  • Increases brand image – users know that only branded companies will go for mobile applications and it is not possible for any start-up. With the Dubizzle clone app, you can build your brand image and make customers feel that your brand has a high value in the market.
  • Better customer engagement – as the application supports in-app chat, you can easily connect your sellers and buyers and get better customer engagement.
  • Increase in the sale – through a dedicated mobile application you can let users have the best deals and offers. This will make users use those offers and as a result, you can expect better sales.

And Here Are More Reasons To Choose ZielCommerce For Building Your App Like Dubizzle

Zielcommerce is the most recommended Dubizzle clone app as it has satisfied users of all business sizes. You can rely on us in developing your dream app as we have a clear market understanding and can deliver you a perfect Dubizzle clone script that can escalate your business to the next level. We have many more unique elements that have made us stand alone in the market.

  • Free installation – we offer free installation to our users, once the dubizzle clone app is ready to deploy.
  • Free app submission – we will upload your app in the play store and also in the App Store for free of cost.
  • Customer support – users can have reliable customer support from our end. Users can get in touch with our technical team and get their assistance in managing the platform.
  • 100% customizable – we understand that every business has its own demands and the application needs to be customizable to meet their requirements.
  • Scalability – get the 100% scalable platform that will support you in expanding your business operations and can run the platform for years.

How Much Does it Cost To Create App Like Dubizzle

Developing an app like Dubizzle with zielcommerce is undoubtedly affordable for any user group. We offer the cheapest price in the market and if you seek a budget-friendly platform then Zielcommerce will be the best solution for C2C marketplace your business.

The pricing depends on the customization you require for your business. We need to know the app size and also the app design you prefer for your marketplace. For this, we need to discuss as one-to-one and we will collect your exact requirements. Only then, we can give our estimation for building an app like Dubizzle.

Feel free to contact us, check out our demo and get a perfect hands-on.


You are in the right period to start your buy and sell marketplace platform. Never take much time in deciding. Have unique marketing strategies that can easily boost your brand and reach your audience. Be more focused on providing quality products and services to your customers as that will help you to acquire more customers through word-of-mouth.

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