April 20, 2024
Cost To Develop A Salon Marketplace Platform

How Much It Will Cost To Develop a Salon Marketplace Platform?

Online salon platforms are in high demand these days. Many salon shops are planning to go for a digital transformation that will get them a better reach among their audience. But if you want to build a salon booking platform then you should be clear about its features and functions. Also, you need to know the cost to build salon booking software.

Let us first identify how well salon platforms are performing in the market and do they have better scope in the future.

  • The estimated growth rate for the online salon business is 13.1% in 2025 and currently, the U.S. is dominating the market.
  • 28% of salon bookings happen during late nights and 18% in the early morning.
  • Around 46% of bookings would have been missed by any spa that doesn’t support online booking.
  • 76% of consumers use their smartphones to book a salon appointment and 21% through desktop, and 3% through their tablets.
  • 26% of appointments were never missed because of the automated reminder.
  • 41% of consumers find their salon through social media platforms, especially through Facebook.

Essential Features And Cost Estimation To Develop A Salon Booking

Thousands of salon platforms are available in the market and to gain a competitive edge you need to be more specific and focused on features of your salon software. These salon management tips going to make a difference and will make you stand alone in the market. Also, keep in mind that features are the cost-affecting factors for marketplace and you to be more particular while having them in your salon platform.

Must-Have Features for Spa & Salon Appointment Booking

Booking Confirmation

Consumers prefer to use salon booking platforms mainly for the online booking feature. Once the booking is confirmed the consumer and the admin should get order confirmation notification.

Cancellation Policy

allow your consumers to easily cancel orders without making them go through hassle procedures. This will make your consumers feel comfortable about your salon platform and you can retain them.

In-app Payment Services

With integrated payment gateways, provide multiple payment options to your consumers to pay for their service through the salon booking app.

General Features for Salon and Spa Bookers

  • Visualizing Salon Catalogue – should have effective visual content that can attract your audience and make them get service from your salon.
  • Discover Services – the salon platform should have advanced search and filtering options that will help visitors to easily discover services they need and can book them instantly.
  • Login Or Register – social media login is being used in many leading booking platforms and consumers expect the same from your salon software too. So, integrate social media login in your salon software.
  • Photo Library Of Services – services should be well categorized and should be easily identifiable to the audience.
  • Appointment Booking – a simple appointment booking page is essential as most audiences are technically not strong enough to understand complicated booking pages.
  • Calendar – calendar should be synchronized with the booking page and once a booking request is received it should be checked with the calendar and should be approved.
  • Book Appointments On Social Media – let your platform facilitate consumers to book their appointments on their social media pages. Your platform should have an active social media presence.
  • Payment On Booking– multiple payment options are mandatory for your salon software. The payment gateways that are integrated into the platform should be a familiar and secured gateway.
  • Booking History – consumers should have a dedicated profile page where they can easily check their booking history and payment transaction history.
  • Ratings & Reviews – allow your consumers to share their opinion about your brand and services through ratings and reviews.

General Features for Salon and Spa Vendors

  • Appointment Managing Calendar – To deliver a hassle-free booking system, the vendor should manage the calendar and should make sure that there is no confusion in the booking process.
  • Managing Staff Members & Working Hours – tracking staff and their working hours should be handled by the salon platform. This will be useful in analyzing their work performance.
  • Service Listing – the salon platform should allow salon owners to have unlimited service listings that can get them good business. This features as easily attract vendors.
  • Packages And Paid Plans – salon owners should be able to set their own pricing and packages for their customers and the platform should support customization and scalability.
  • Customer Management – vendors should be able to access customer profiles and should be able to read their reviews and ratings that will help them to understand their service quality and can make them take necessary actions to enhance their business.
  • Report And Analytics – salon vendors should be able to generate reports and analytics from the platform that will make them understand more about their services and their customers’ preferences.
  • Account And Business Profile – salon vendors should have a dedicated profile page that can be edited whenever needed. They can have a quick view of service orders, bookings and payment transactions.

How Does It Cost To Develop A Spa & Salon Appointment Booking?

The spa & salon appointment booking development cost structure depends on the user’s requirement. There are many factors involved that affect the cost of the salon software. The key factors are mentioned below.

  • Number of users involved
  • Features and modules to be used
  • Online Platform to build the software
  • Skilled developers
  • Marketing and promotional cost
  • Hosting and platform maintenance

All these factors will be involved if you plan to build your salon software from scratch. The major advantage of this method is you can gain complete customization and your platform will contain all features that you want for your salon business.

But building the platform from scratch is very time-consuming and also quite expensive. If you are in a hurry to launch your salon platform then you should not prefer this method. Also, this method is not recommended for any startup or users who prefer a budget-friendly platform.

Going for a readymade marketplace solution is a trendy one nowadays. Users can have a demo of a readymade salon application and can instantly launch their salon platform online. There are many white-label solutions that will let you have your own brand name and reach your audience.

With a readymade solution, you cannot expect complete customization but at the same time, you can personalize your platform to some extent. The pricing is comparatively low and affordable for any start-up. Without taking much time you can have your salon business online.


Hope you have gained enough knowledge on building a salon booking platform along with its cost-affecting factors. This is the right time to increase your market share with a perfect and scalable salon appointment booking application that can meet your customers’ expectations and satisfy them.

Launch ad Advanced and Efficient Salon Booking Marketplace Platform

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