March 2, 2024

How to Convert your eCommerce website into a mobile app [2021 Update]

The pandemic period has led ways for the eCommerce market and many retail store owners have already stepped into the online market by developing a dedicated eCommerce website and also have succeeded well in their sales. The next stage of its development is to convert its eCommerce website into a mobile app.

The main reason for focusing on turn your eCommerce website into a mobile app is because around 90% of eCommerce sales happen through smartphones. People use their mobile phones to visit the eCommerce site and place orders through their phones and even they pay the amount through their mobile itself. To grab the attention of a wide range of audiences, developing an eCommerce mobile app has become a necessity for any eCommerce business.

  • Around 2.2 million mobile apps are available in the Google play store and the count is expected to increase to 2.65 million by 2021.
  • Every smartphone is having a minimum of 30 mobile apps and the users open the app 11 times a day.
  • Through mobile apps, the eCommerce market is expected to generate revenue of $189 billion by the end of 2020.
  • All social media platforms are gaining more users every day and around 57% of login happens through mobile apps.
  • On-demand service apps like swiggy, zomato have earned more than 130% compared to last year.
  • Great advancement is expected by 2021 as most of the mobile apps will get searches through voice assistance

Why should switch Mobile App?

There are several valid reasons for entrepreneurs showing interest to Convert eCommerce sites to a mobile app. By analyzing the benefits, there is a vast demand for every eCommerce mobile app development company to turn eCommerce sites into eCommerce mobile app.

Direct customer engagement – mobile apps will help you to send personalized messages and offers to your customers and thus will increase customer engagement. This will help to increase the performance of a product or your service.

Easy access –business accessibility is made easy through mobile apps. The users can also access the products and services of the company. Likewise, the company can send notifications regarding the latest offers and arrivals to its customers.

Best rewarding system – along with the technology advancement, you can also give your customers a unified rewarding method through your app. You can put an end to your old and traditional card system to reward your customers.

Show your standard – turning an eCommerce site to a mobile app is still a dream for many small businesses. When you have your mobile application for your business, this will make you stand out of the competition and will get you more customers’ attention.

Provide unique services – different services are provided by different companies. There are many on-demand services like booking a ticket or even booking an appointment with the doctor for consultation. These services are easily available to customers’ end through a dedicated mobile app.

How to convert your eCommerce website into a mobile app?

Straightaway developing a mobile app is quite costly and it is not advisable for a small business or any start-ups. It is very simple to renovate or convert your existing eCommerce site to a mobile app and it is less expensive. Let us get into the procedure of converting an eCommerce site into a mobile app.

Identify the ecommerce platform

Every eCommerce site will be developed by having a particular platform as its base. We need to identify the platform in which the existing eCommerce site has been developed. The platform can be headless architecture even any other platform. Identifying the platform will help us to understand the complexity of converting the eCommerce site to a mobile app.

Show consistency in the user interface

If you have a popular eCommerce site and you plan to convert this eCommerce website to a mobile app then you should be more particular about the look and feel of the app. As your customers are already comfortable with your existing user interface, you need to maintain the same with the app.

Create and integrate the API

Exchange of data within the application can be done through the API. So more attention is needed on creating an API for your mobile app. This API needs to be integrated well with your app so that it can effectively transfer information.

Run Testing

The most important aspect that has to be done while converting the eCommerce site to a mobile app is the testing process. The app should be tested with various parameters. Do the quality analysis and make sure the app is error-free.


This is the final stage in the process of converting the ecommerce website into mobile app. After the completion of the testing process, the app will be uploaded to the play store and will be available for customers to download and use. The commonly used app stores are Apple play store and Google Playstore.

The cost to convert an eCommerce website into a mobile app

This is a million-dollar question that comes to every mind of the entrepreneur who wants to build a mobile app for his business. We cannot blindly estimate and give the costing. We need to analyze many factors that have a direct influence on the mobile app costing part. The factors include

  • Your target audience and their preferred platform
  • What are the devices you need to consider while making it mobile responsive?
  • Are you going to have a free app or going to provide a paid app?
  • Check on whether your app has in-app purchases
  • Do you need to include advertisements within your app?

We need to get perfect answers to all the above-mentioned queries. Only then we can find out the exact cost for developing a mobile app.

Features that are to included while converting an eCommerce website into a mobile app

The functionalities and the features of the mobile apps will decide its success rate. This is why we need to put more effort while designing its features. Let us check out the default features that are considered to be compulsory for any mobile app

  • Fast screen loading – people will abandon the app when it takes more time to load. So you need to set appropriate graphics and should increase the speed of screen loading. Thus you can retain your visitors.
  • High image resolution – images with good resolution will be an eye-catching factor that can attract many visitors to your app.
  • Platform flexibility – the commonly used OS for mobile apps are IOS, Android, and windows. Your app should support all the platforms.
  • Security – as the application holds the personal information of the users, security is the main aspect we need to look into. Make sure you have a secured app platform for your multivendor marketplace platform.
  • User authorization – at the time of login, the user should be authorized by sending an OTP to their authorized mobile number. This will help to avoid unauthorized persons entering your mobile app.
  • Feedback options – give your customers to register their feedback through your mobile app. This feature is highly appreciated by the users and when they visit any marketplace platform they expect this feature.
  • Social integration – people have the habit of posting all their activities and online shopping is one of those activities. So it is a must to have social media integration in your mobile app. This will also help to promote your multivendor marketplace platform.
  • Once-click contact – make a call to action facility so that customers can make a call with a single click and can get in touch with you easily.

Wrapping up

To convert your eCommerce website into mobile app, money alone will not be sufficient. You need to have a clear idea about the process and need to know the tactics to make the app a successful one. Hope you have gained enough information through this article. Give enough time to understand more about the process and then get into action. Sure you will succeed in your online business and will easily get an unexpected return.

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Ramya is a highly competent product marketer who has a strong foundation in the area of customer behavior analysis and his critical thinking skills.

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