May 22, 2024

Carousell Clone App: Build Buy And Sell Marketplace Platform Like Carousell

Advertisement is the best mode that any seller can use to communicate with their buyers. They can post their ads and attract their target audience easily. Initially, sellers choose the newspaper as a medium of communication and reach their buyers. Buyers’ buying behavior has changed and they have started preferring online platforms that are more comfortable for them.

Online classified platforms have taken a new dimension by considering buyers’ demands. Sites like Carousell have taken hold of the market by offering salient features that support both sellers and buyers. The admin of the platform also earns well by properly meeting out the demands of both parties.

By seeing the growth of C2C marketplace platforms, many entrepreneurs have set their minds on developing an app like carousell.  There are many clone apps available that can replicate the same functions as it is in Carousell. Let us get into detail about how carousell clone will get you income and what features it endures.

How To Earn Money From Classified App Like Carousell

Before you get into any online business you need to identify and analyze the source of income that will help you to keep surviving. If you are planning to start your own carousell like website then we need to do the same analysis.

  • Make Money From Sale Of Items – you can set a commission fee for each sale that happens within your platform and the seller will pay the amount on each sale of an item. This will benefit the admin and the seller as the seller will pay only when a sale happens and the admin can get commission on all sales that are done by multiple sellers.
  • Earn through promoting ads – you can run ads on your home page and can get a fee for promoting those ads. Ads can be posted by sellers or even third-party merchants and you will get the amount for posting them on your website.
  • Earn Using Targeted Ad Campaigns –   there are possibilities to post ads on the targeted area. This will benefit offline retailers who focus only on their own locality. This will get you a better income as there are still many offline retailers who completely rely on ads on classified platforms.
  • Google Ads Can Fetch You Money – you can invest in Google Ads and can expect a greater return as the source will get you a higher reach among your audience and assure you mass traffic.

Enduring Feature That Makes Carousell Clone App The Perfect Classified

Features are the main concern for any classified ad listing platform. Without proper features, it will be very difficult for any admin of the platform to promote them and get the audience and convert them to customers. Let us get into features that can make a buy-sell app like carousell.

Features for Buyers

  • Simplified registration and login process
  • Social media login support allows users to use their social media credentials to log in easily.
  • Better user authorization protocol to protect the platform access from hackers.
  • Advanced search and filtering options on browsing ads.
  • Geo-location mapping option that will help users to search ads in their nearby location.
  • Allow buyers to like and add items to their favorites.
  • Multiple communication channels like live chat, email, etc. to communicate with sellers.
  • In-app payment option to facilitate buyers to pay online and get products.
  • Multiple delivery slot options will help buyers to choose their convenient delivery time.
  • Real-time order tracking facility to know the current status of the order.
  • Review and rating system to let buyers share their feedback about the product and the service offered by the platform.

Features for Sellers

  • Easy registration and social media login procedure.
  • Sellers should have complete control over adding, editing, and deleting products.
  • Easy upload of product images that can be viewed from different angles.
  • Accept or reject buyers’ requests.
  • Multiple channels to chat with buyers that will reduce returns and refunds.
  • Sellers should be able to promote their ads on the platform.
  • Discounts should be offered to buyers by sellers.
  • Dedicated dashboard for each seller to have a quick view about their sales, revenue generation, and analyze their business performance.

Features for Administrator

  • Approve or reject seller request
  • Manage overall classified ads that are posted on the platform.
  • Ensure the platform has secured payment processing.
  • Assigning delivery agents to deliver the order.
  • Effective content management system.
  • Tax and invoice management.
  • Manage premium ads and provide in-app promotions to sellers.
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools to generate reports as per the business requirement.

How Much Does it Cost To Develop An App Like Carousell

Now, you are certain about the fact that features determine the success of your buy-sell marketplace. Another undeniable fact is that features have the major impact on the cost for developing an app like carousell. If you prefer basic features then you can have a cost-effective solution in building your buy-sell marketplace platform. If you need more features then you should plan your budget accordingly.

You can either develop an app like carousell from scratch that needs more development time and budget or you can go for a readymade carousell clone app that can be launched instantly and is very cost-effective. While selecting a readymade solution you need to analyze more about the service provider and their customer support.  Here, we strongly recommend Zielcommerce for creating an application like carousell.

Why Choose Zielcommerce For Building Carousell Clone App

Zielcommerce is the most recommended buy-sell marketplace that offers an omnichannel shopping experience to customers and inherits all key elements and features that will make you stand alone in the market and have better survival when compared with your competitors. You can face the market more confidently with our unique and innovative cloning approach.

There are many outstanding highlights to choose Zielcommerce that will benefit your buy-sell online business.

  • A dedicated team of professionals has developed the carousell clone after a serious market study.
  • Ingenious technologies are implemented in building the buy-sell marketplace.
  • 24/7 customer support is offered to customers that will support them in handling the platform effectively.
  • Multiple communication channels are available that will let users have instant access to the supporting team.
  • With a one-time payment, users can buy the carousell clone script along with a lifetime license.
  • Multiple revenue streams are integrated with the marketplace that assures high returns to users.
  • The platform is SEO-friendly and guarantees better website traffic to your business that will lead to better conversion.


Build a high-tech classified buy-sell app that can facilitate buyers and sellers by availing the best and robust carousell clone script. You need to have an innovative marketing strategy to promote your brand in the market and attract a larger audience by running effective campaigns on all social media platforms.


Marcel is a dedicated and professional digital marketer who always builds a perfect digital marketing strategy in promoting our brand in various digital channels.