May 22, 2024

How Professional OnDemand Works? How To Build Your Own Professional Service Marketplace Website?

Professional service marketplace is one of the fastest-growing online marketplace models that has gained tremendous response from the audience. This platform model focuses on high-skill tasks and creates a wide opportunity for any business size and assures better returns.

Professional Service Marketplace Sounding Success

The statistical reports clearly state the demand for this business model and how well they are performing in the market. Hope the below-mentioned figures will inspire you to start your own ondemand marketplace platform for professional service.

  •  From 2016 to 2020, the online professional service market has recorded 5.4% growth.
  • The revenue generated by this business model has reached $5 trillion by 2021.
  • Accounting service alone has gained 6.2% growth in 2021.

Examples of Professional Services Marketplaces

There are various sectors where professional services are involved and consumers expect the dedicated marketplace platform where they can easily locate the service they want. Below are a few examples of professional service marketplaces that offer services exclusively.

  • Legal services – consumers can get legal advice and support through this platform and can easily sort out all legal issues.
  • Logistics – every organization needs logistic support when they need to transfer materials from one place to another.
  • Accounting – for maintaining the payroll process and dealing with tax and filing, consumers need expert support that can be obtained through this platform.
  • Healthcare service – patients can use this platform and can book their appointments with doctors and can check and download their history from this marketplace.
  • Architecture – users can get in touch with leading architectures and can get their support in their projects.

How Does it Work for Service Seekers?

The ondemand business model works in a simple way that connects service seekers with deserving service providers. The workflow for a service seeker is as follows.

  • Service seekers will get registered with any leading professional service marketplace.
  • All services will be categorized and listed on the platform and service seekers can request for a service.
  • Service providers will provide their proposals along with its quote.
  • After comparing the price along with the proposal, the service seeker will finalize the service provider and will pay through the marketplace and hire the service provider.

This is how it works for a service seeker to find and get the required service from the concerned service provider.

How it Works for a Service Provider

The on-demand service marketplace experience is entirely different for a service provider when compared with a service seeker. The workflow is as follows.

  • A service provider will get connected with any leading service marketplace platform.
  • The commission fee model will be explained by the admin and once the service provider agrees for the payment terms, he will be allowed to access the platform.
  • The service provider will be able to view the list of jobs listed in the service portal.
  • The job that fits the service provider will be chosen and the proposal will be sent to the service seeker.
  • Once the proposal is accepted by the customers, the service provider will start his job.
  • After completing the job, the admin will payout the service provider deducting his commission value.

Thus, the admin and the service provider will mutually benefit from this business model.

The 5 Most Important Features Your Professional Marketplace Should Have

Features play a key role in getting visitors and converting them into customers. More attention is needed while building an online marketplace platform for professional service. Let us identify the salient features of any professional service platform.

  • Search and compare – customers should find their service in a better way without wasting much of their time. So, the platform should support advanced search options that will check the entire platform and will display the service. Also, the comparison tool should be in-built with the platform that will facilitate customers to compare and find the best one.
  • Organize the quotation process – multiple quotations will be received from multiple service providers. The service seeker should be able to organize all those quotes that will help them to easily compare and finalize the quote.
  • Online booking – many services require booking an appointment, for eg. If you plan to visit a doctor or an advocate you need to first get his appointment and then visit him. The platform should support online booking. Once the booking is made the concerned service provider and the service seeker should get notifications.
  • Payment options – consumers always prefer online payment systems that will facilitate getting instant services. The platform should be well integrated with multiple payment gateways and should also offer multiple payment options and should allow customers to have their convenient way of paying for the service.
  • Reviews and ratings – when we deliver service, the foremost thing that has to be considered is the quality of the service offered. Being an admin, it is not possible to identify the quality of the service other than getting feedback directly from customers.  Allow our customers to rate and review the professional service they have received from your platform.

Top Key Players of On-demand Professional Service Industry

Before you start building a professional service marketplace you need to know who your competitors are. Also, you need to go through the features and strategies they use to gain the attention of the audience. Below have mentioned the top on-demand industries key players of this business model. Have a detailed analysis of these marketplaces for better market understanding.

  • Zaask
  • Angie’s List
  • Get Ninjas
  • Thumbtack

Best Marketplace Platform for Launching a Professional Services Marketplace

If building an online marketplace professional platform from scratch is bothering you, then you can completely rely on Zielcommerce, the most recommended professional service marketplace platform, that inherits all essential features that will escalate your business growth.

Zielcommerce is a user-friendly marketplace platform that supports customization and is scalable to use. The platform comes with affordable pricing and users can pay once and own the platform along with a lifetime license. Any business type and size can use this readymade marketplace solution and can get assured returns.

Zielcommerce is a technology-driven, full-fledged, multifaceted software that has better market understanding and also customers’ shopping behavior. Through advanced reporting and analytics, users can have a clear view of their business performance and can utilize better marketing strategies to boost the brand identity.


Choose the right service platform and reach your target audience with more confidence. Let your demand be more in the market and beat your competitors through your stunning professional service marketplace platform.


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