March 2, 2024
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How to Build an On-Demand Laundry Service Marketplace

Busy life and increasing disposable income have made consumers prefer more on on-demand service platforms. Most millennials do not want to spend their time doing their routine domestic work like laundry. This has given rise to the global dry-cleaning and on-demand laundry service market.

This will be the right time to build an on-demand laundry service platform that can easily get hold of the service seeker and can expect a great turnover in a short period of time. All you need is to choose the right business model and offer a smooth user experience.

How Marketplace Laundry App Works

The working pattern of any laundry app is quite easy to understand. It is essential to understand the business and how it works to develop a perfect laundry mobile application.

  • Using a laundry website or a laundry mobile app, the customer will place an order.
  • As per the schedule given by the customer, the laundromat will go and collect the laundry items from the customer.
  • The professional washing staff will wash and pack the dress material.
  • The laundromat will hand over the material to the customer at their doorstep.

All the above-mentioned processes are easily carried with just a few clicks made through an online laundry platform.

Why Are Online On-Demand Laundry Service Apps So Popular?

By analyzing all statistical facts, it is very clear that online laundry service apps have gained massive attention from the audience and their popularity is increasing day by day in the market. Let us get into details on the reasons for their popularity.

  • Complete digitization – all businesses are shifting from brick-and-mortar stores to eCommerce stores. People are getting used to online shopping and on-demand service platforms. So, consumers started seeking online laundry services to get their laundry jobs done over a call.
  • Saves time – people are very busy nowadays and they find it very difficult to visit the laundry shop and give their dresses for cleaning. With the help of the laundry app, they can select the service and the laundromat will send its people to collect the item once they finish the process you will receive your dresses at your doorstep. This will save time and energy.
  • Wide choice – when you visit a laundry app, you can find more laundromats nearby your location and you can choose the one whose pricing and service are comfortable for you.
  • Safe payment processing – the laundry platform supports multiple payment options and users can choose their comfortable payment mode and can pay online without any difficulty.

Business Models for On-demand Laundry Service Which Suits Everyone

The business model is very essential to succeed in the online market. One needs to understand his business and should select the right business plan. When we think about the laundry business, it basically follows two business models.

  • On-site (single laundromat) platform
  • Marketplace (Multi-laundromat) platform.

On-site Business Model

This model is exclusive for a single laundromat who wants to reach his audience and deliver his service directly to them without any intermediary. The laundromat will develop a website and will list its service. Customers will enter the site and will place their orders and will schedule their pick-up. The laundromat will collect the items from the customer and will process the work and will handover the item to the customer back.

The payment will be collected either through the platform or through cash on delivery. The laundromat will get the whole profit as there will not be any in-between parties to share their profit.

Challenges of this Business Model
  • Arranging the logistics and getting the delivery on time is the real challenge.
  • There are many possibilities of delivering wrong items to customers and this can easily affect the reputation of their business.
  • Retaining customers is not as easy as we think as the competition is high and customers may likely move to your competitors.

Marketplace Musiness Model

The laundromat aggregator will get in contact with multiple laundromats and they get connected through the platform. Customers can select the nearby laundromat available in the marketplace and can place their orders. The respective laundromat will receive the order and carry out the process. The online laundry platform will get the commission for each order.

Managing pick-up and delivery is handled by the platform and the laundromat will receive the item and will process it. The platform will collect the item from the laundromat and will deliver it to the customer.

Challenges of this Business Model
  • Retaining laundromats is the toughest part as the competitors may charge less commission and laundromats will get attracted to them easily.
  • Managing logistics is another difficult part as if the delivery is not done on time, it will affect the business’s credibility.

Benefits For an On-demand Laundry Service 

The huge reason for building an online service platform for laundry is the benefits that all user groups get. Let us identify what benefits make the laundry platform a mandatory application in recent days.

Customers’ benefits

  • Customers can save their time by using the laundry mobile application and can get their things done on time.
  • Professional results can be enjoyed by customers as the laundromat is well-versed in delivering perfection in their works.
  • Order tracking will support customers to find their order status in real-time.
  • 24/7 customer support can be gained while utilizing an online laundry platform.

Laundry Service Providers’ Benefits

  • Easily reach the target audience through the online laundry platform and get greater visibility.
  • No huge investment is needed as the platform will have all inbuilt features and they need to get themselves registered with any of the online laundry platforms.
  • Through analytics and reporting, the laundromats will get to know their business performance.
  • A perfect order management system inherited by the laundry platform will support laundromats to efficiently handle their orders. 

Laundromat Aggregators’ Benefits

  • There will not be any receivables or inventory management and so the aggregator can have a hassle-free online laundry business.
  • Multiple revenue streams will be integrated that will support the admin of the platform to earn better returns.
  • Effective payment management can be obtained through on-demand laundry service platforms as it will be integrated with multiple payment gateways.
  • Customization and scalability are guaranteed features in any online laundry app.

Key Features of an App for Online Laundry Service App

  • Simple registration – registration is the entry process and this feature should be simpler and user-friendly for users. You can have social media login that will facilitate users to use their social media credentials to log in directly without taking much time.
  • Service categorization – every laundromat will offer a wide range of services like a normal wash, dry cleaning, steam press, and many more. All these services should be categorized and should be easily available for users to browse.
  • Schedule pick-up and delivery – customers should be allowed to select their convenient time for pick-up and delivery and this will allow the laundromat to schedule their orders accordingly.
  • Rating and review system – being a service-oriented business, it is always essential to know how your customers feel about your service. So, it is good to have a review and rating system and let them share their feedback through your platform.
  • Multiple payment options – the platform should be integrated with all leading payment gateways that will facilitate customers to select their convenient gateway and pay directly through the platform.

How to Build Your Online Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service App

As the competition is unimaginable, it is very crucial to build a perfect laundry mobile application or a website that can gain the attention of the audience. Powerful features should be integrated that will help users to standalone in the market. Let us check out the key modules that are mandatory for any laundry mobile app.

Customer App

This app is exclusive for customers to gain a better user experience and the below-mentioned modules should be included to enhance the laundry app performance.

  • Easy login and registration process
  • Service listing and enable customers to select the service type and their preferences.
  • Pick up and drop schedule.
  • Cost estimation and multiple payment options.
  • Simplified order tracking and notifications.
  • Review and rate the service.

Delivery app

This app is developed for delivery agents as they will be collecting and dispatching orders. Their mobile app should contain,

  • Access to customer information so that they can get the delivery address and contact details.
  • Google map integration will support delivery agents to reach the address properly.
  • Notification feature to inform the platform once the order is collected and when it gets delivered.

Why Zielcommerce Service Marketplace Solutions for Laundry Business

Zielcommerce is a multifaceted on-demand laundry service platform that is user-friendly to attract and serve users. The aesthetically pleasing interface can get you more traffic and can assure better conversion. Users can boost their sales with the dedicated high-quality on-demand laundry app which comes with affordable pricing.

This standalone laundry platform offers better customization and scalability to users. The platform is completely reliable to build a perfect rapport with customers. This platform is ideal for single laundromats and also for laundry chains. Zielcommerce is a feature-rich bespoke marketplace solution that can elevate your laundry business. The fully-tested eCommerce solution can assure you of promising results.

Salient Features of ZielCommerce

  • One-time payment process.
  • Secured and mobile-friendly platform
  • In-built SEO and marketing tools
  • Easy third-party API integration with the platform.
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multilingual and multiple currency support
  • Multiple delivery options
  • Social media sharing is offered.
  • Secured and familiar payment gateways are integrated.
  • Review and rating options are available.
  • Best customer loyalty programs and referral programs can be planned.

The Estimated Cost of Developing an On-demand App for Laundry Service

The cost of developing an on-demand laundry app depends on multiple factors. One needs to be more specific on what he wants and only with those requirements, we can estimate the cost for the development.

  • The features and modules that are mandatory for the laundry app
  • Number of users who will be using the app
  • Which platform is comfortable to integrate?
  • The hosting services for launching the platform.

All the above-mentioned facts have a crucial role in determining the cost. If you prefer a budget-friendly laundry app then it is recommended to go for a readymade laundry app that will have all essential features and will be ready to launch.

Wrapping Up

On-demand laundry service is widely accepted all over the world and its market is growing day by day. With a perfect laundry mobile application, you can easily streamline your laundry business and can meet your customers’ expectations. Fine-tune your business with minimal infrastructure cost and focus on getting greater profit.


How do laundry apps work?

  • Customers will log in to the portal or the laundry app and will choose the nearby laundromat and will enter the number of clothes and type of service required.
  • The order will be placed and payment will be done through the portal.
  • The laundromat will receive notification regarding the order and he will assign a delivery person to collect the order.
  • The delivery person will collect clothes from the customer and will hand it over to the laundromat.
  • The laundromat will finish the cleaning process and again will assign a delivery person and will deliver clothes to the customer.

The platform will receive the payment and will deduct its commission value and will transfer the balance to the laundromat.

How do laundry apps make money?

Through commissions you can earn from laundromats for each order they make through the platform. Also, you can place advertisements and can earn through them some decent income.

Get started by creating your On-Demend Laundry Service Marketplace solution


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