June 12, 2024
App Like Bigbasket And Grofers

How To Build An On Demand Grocery App Like Bigbasket & Grofers – Cost & Features

The online on-demand grocery market is a new market that has recently emerged and has gained a good response. India is the sixth-largest grocery market and shows a competitive growth of 19% every year. Today we find many online grocery companies who try to change the consumer’s behavior and getting them practice to buy grocery items online. Many have succeeded in this mission.

The two leading giants of online grocery business are Bigbasket and Grofers. The both Big basket and Grofers business models have their uniqueness and working style that made them stand alone in the market. Let us analyze more about them in detail.

What Do Bigbasket And Grofers Do?

To make an app like bigbasket or grofers like app development, first we need to understand their success point of BigBasket and grofers and should be clear with how they work.


Bigbasket – BigBasket divides its operation in two ways. First, it buys products from the farm produce, and the second the company maintains the stock in the respective warehouses in each city. The company makes sure that they give high priority in delivering perishable goods like meat, milk, etc.

Official Website: www.bigbasket.com


Grofers – Grofers being successful m-commerce, allows consumers to shop with their neighborhood stores and will get it delivered within 90 minutes. Consumers can get all grocery items, fruits and vegetables, bakery products, meat and milk, and many more. Grofers brings all merchants along with their inventory online. Thus it brings all offline retailers online.

Official Website: grofers.com

Their working style is simple and we can easily follow their workflow and can get good business.

How Bigbasket And Grofers On Demand Online Grocery Delivery Business Model Works?

Grocery Delivery Model

In the online delivery business model, delivering the product is where the real success of any online grocery store lies. The online grocery store should allow consumers to have more delivery options. They should be allowed to schedule their delivery and also should be capable of delivering the products within the time frame.

Bigbasket focuses more on the delivery time. Initially, it has two delivery options. One is 90 minutes delivery and the other is next day delivery. But now it takes a maximum of 4 hours to deliver the grocery items to its consumers.

Grofers always choose stores near your location and will ensure that you will receive your orders within 90 minutes. You can also return the products and can get a refund.

Things You Should Know Before Making An Online Grocery App Like Bigbasket Or Grofers

Hundreds of people are online grocery shopping for their needs. So there are a lot of online grocery stores like BigBasket and grofers. To survive the market and be successful, you need to consider a few important factors before you make an bigbasket like ecommerce website or apps like grofers. Let us get into the facts in detail.

  • Determine your target audience – first, try to figure out your target audience and have a clear picture of your potential grocery customers. Segment your customers and also monitor your competitor.
  • Identify your working region – you should know which region has a major of your potential audience and you should spend more on promoting in those regions. Also, you should be capable of delivering grocery goods to these regions.
  • Register your business – once you have settled with your audience and region of work then you need to register your business. Have a legal consultant and work on all necessary tax submissions
  • Inventory arrangements – you can either stock up the products or you can tie-up with the local grocery stores and can maintain your inventory.
  • Fix your delivery options – most of the people prefer home delivery were very few prefer to click and collect. You need to have both options so that customers can select their comfortable option.

How To Build An Grocery Delivery App Bigbasket Or Grofers For Grocery Delivery Business

Grocery items are needed for our day-to-day living. People wanted to put an end to trolley picking and they want things to be delivered to their buy online or pick up in stores. This is the main reason for the tremendous growth of online grocery apps.

Every entrepreneur is inspired by the success of these online grocery apps and they want to develop their grocery apps like big basket or grofers. But is it very important to have a clean and deep analysis before starting how to make an app like bigbasket?

  1. Type of grocery app – before you start make sure which type of grocery app you would like to have. There are several types like grocery chain that is nothing but a solitary store with a smaller scale, then the aggregator that links the adjacent supermarkets to the consumers, then the marketplace that has a delivery team to deliver the goods and finally the single store, where the owner of the store will sell his brand products. 
  2. Customer engagement –  have an innovative marketing plan to keep your customers engaged so that you will repeated customers. Since grocery items need to be purchased every month you can expect the same crowd again and again but you should delight them.
  3. Streamline your logistics – all grocery deliveries should be made on time. Your logistic team should be well trained on the delivery.
  4. Payment integration – this is where the online grocery bigbasket like app and grofers have the upper hand and they give a perfect and secure experience to their consumers. Always have a secure payment process and allow your consumers to have all types of payment options.

An online on-demand grocery delivery app like BigBasket or grofers clone should have four segments of a layer. Customer App, Store Owner App, Admin Panel App, Delivery App.

Buyer Mode Grocery App Features

  • Stock Detail
  • Advanced Home Page
  • Search Products category wise
  • Wishlist Function
  • Safe Payment
  • Customer Browsing
  • Stock Listing
  • Deliver Review Feature

Admin Mode Grocery App Features

  • Easy Shape
  • Customer Control
  • Stock Control
  • Business Command
  • Insights
  • Division Management
  • Sub-section Management
  • Review Authority

Once you have all set with the above-mentioned criteria you can easily build your online grocery app like BigBasket or grofers.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Bigbasket And Grofers?

Due to digital transformation and an increase in mobile-on-demand applications, online grocery applications have taken key roles in our daily lives. Every entrepreneur’s first thought will be how much does it cost to make app like BigBasket or grofers. The grocery delivery app development cost differs according to the factors that involve in developing the app.

  • The business model – several business models can be used to develop the online grocery app. These business models determine the cost to build an app like bigbasket or grofers.
  • The app size – the cost to build a grocery app like BigBasket or grofers app development depends on the app size you are planning to have. The number of functionalities determines the app size.
  • App design – the cost of an app like BigBasket relies on the design you are going to have. Make sure that you have a user-friendly design so that it can hold the consumers to use the app. Also, the design should attract more customers.
  • Advance features – when we add more new features then the price will vary accordingly.  There are basic features that any app will have and apart from then when we focus on advanced features then the cost to develop the app like BigBasket will increase.

Why ZielCommerce To Create An App Like BigBasket Or Grofers?  

Zielcommerce – A White Label Grocery Ecommerce Solution

Zielcommerce helps you to jumpstart your online grocery business. You can create an app like bigbasket by joining hands with zielcommerce. Zielcommerce is perfectly built with powerful technology and analytics support. The users can be benefited with the advanced features like intelligent scheduling, route optimization and also real-time tracking. Your grocers as well as the buyers will get a hassle-free shopping experience.

Problems that are rectified with zielcommerce

With zielcommerce you are not only creating an app like grofers but you are also overcoming the default issues faced by other grocery apps.

  • Complicated order scheduling
  • Inefficient stock management
  • Fail to meet delivery deadlines
  • Improper management of delivery agents.

The promising features of zielcommerce

  • Real-time push notifications
  • Live analytics
  • GPS tracking
  • Cashless payment facility
  • Perfect feedback system
  • Genuine loyalty programs for customers

Wrapping Up

Building a grocery app like BigBasket or grofers is really a challenging one that every entrepreneur should face. By clearing following all the above mention criteria, you can successfully pitch your online grocery app. Have a brilliant marketing strategy so that you can promote your new online grocery app within your target audience. For this you can completely rely on any leading SEO agency so that they will take care of the promotion and branding part. 

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