May 22, 2024
Build Marketplace Websites Like Amazon And EBay

How to create Ecommerce Websites Like Amazon and eBay – Essential Features & Business Insights

Entrepreneurs have started focusing on how to build marketplace platform to sell their products. In recent days, online stores have gained more attention from buyers and have shown exponential growth in the year 2021.

Amazon and eBay have set a milestone in the field of online purchases and act as huge sales machines. Amazon and eBay gained this recognition as it focuses purely on its customers and not on its competitors. The platform is completely invention-oriented and has shown operation excellence.

Thus it has experienced massive growth and has proved itself in the digital market. The promising growth of Amazon has tempted aspiring entrepreneurs to create a website like Amazon and eBay etc.

A Ultimate Working Model Of Marketplace Website Like  Amazon & Ebay

Dreaming to have a leading multi vendor eCommerce platform like eBay & Amazon platforms will not be enough until we analyze the technical factors that are involved how to create a website like eBay and Amazon, etc.

work model for marketplace
  • The items sold either fulfilled by merchants fulfilled by Amazon & eBay.
  • A separate inventory maintained for third party sellers and the items fulfilled by merchants stored in this inventory. The shipping and the customer service handled the third-party seller itself.
  • The items fulfilled by Amazon or eBay like sites stored in respective fulfillment centers and the shipping of these items handled by the portal itself.
  • If the third-party prefers to have their products fulfilled by Amazon & eBay a separate fee charged by the corresponding portal to the third party seller. 

The Secret Sauce For The Success Of The Leading eCommerce Portals Like Amazon

  • Technology innovation – You can experience more on artificial intelligence and machine learning in eCommerce portals like Amazon, and eBay. These technologies impress the visitors and support the portals to have repeated audiences.
  • Perfect execution – The order management, inventory management, purchase management needs proper execution to give a hassle-free experience to the customers. This makes the ecommerce portals like Amazon and eBay stand alone in the crowd.
  • Design merged with rich content – A large number of rich keywords increase the visibility of the page in search engines. You would have noticed in Amazon or eBay that uses lengthy product descriptions and even you can see FAQ for each product.
  • Wide collection of product range – Find the complete collection of products you may not need to shift between sites to buy different products. Everything regarding the product or the servce shared under a single roof.

If you aspire to build an eCommerce website like Amazon and eBay, etc. well possible to have the best developer for an eCommerce website on your side to make sure that your marketplace satisfies all the features.

How To Build An Enterprise-Grade Ecommerce Website like Amazon & Ebay

To build a website like Amazon, and eBay etc, we need more planning and analysis of these leading platforms. We should take into consideration every feature of these platforms that will not only help how to build a website like ebay and Amazon but will also help you to attain and retain more customers with your multi vendor marketplace website like amazon.

The common options that are preferred to how to build a website like amazon, or eBay are to either develop marketplace website from scratch or get ready-made software that has all the functionalities and the features of these leading marketplace platforms.

Scratch Development

you can create a multi vendor marketplace website like amazon by starting it from the scratch. All you need is to have a perfect development team you can understand your business well and can bring the expected outcome that will leverage your organization.
But you need more patience and should have more time to develop a website like Amazon from scratch.

Readymade Software

Readymade software is the smartest solution to build website like Amazon or eBay. The software will have all the essential features that are present in the leading marketplace platforms like Amazon and eBay.
You can install the software instantly and can run your online store in a very short period, with the minimum investment

Benefits Of Readymade ECommerce Solution For Multi vendor Marketplace Website Like Amazon

Anyone can launch a B2C marketplace website like an amazon that can either go for developing a customized eCommerce platform  like ebay & can buy a readymade multi vendor marketplace. Let us have a quick comparison between the two.

  • Implementation – The readymade marketplace is quick and hassle-free to implemented comparing to the custom eCommerce development.
  • Affordability – Readymade script comes with the fixed price and the charges added if any customization. The cost of custom eCommerce development varies from project to project
  • Free trials and demos – You can enjoy the trial version with a readymade marketplace & can analyze whether the product suits your business. In Custom development, it is not possible.
  • User-friendly– You can gain an ultimate user-experience while using the readymade multi-vendor marketplace. No technical knowledge needed to handle the application. Custom development can be user-friendly in all cases. They developed for high-end users. Common man finds difficult

A Successful Marketplace Factors To Create An Online Marketplace Like ebay Or Amazon 

A desire to create a website like ebay is a big dream. To make this big dream happen you need more determination and should particularly look into factors that are required to build website like Amazon or eBay. eBay has started single vendor eCommerce website now its the highest auction bidding marketplace platform

  • An eye-catching logo – brand recognition starts with the logo you use. Leading marketplaces like Amazon or eBay have their attractive logos that can still stand in the minds of people.
  • Feature-rich UI/UX – The reason why you want to how to make a website like ebay or amazon is you got amazed by the UI and UX of Amazon and you should provide the same experience to your users. So make sure that you have a perfect UI/UX that can grab the attention of the users easily.
  • Site security – the key factor that cannot be ignored while developing site like Amazon is site security. There is always a threat to any online transaction and this is why people hesitate to pay online.
  • Third-party integration – the leading marketplaces like Amazon, or eBay will have multiple APIs being integrated with their platforms. This will help the admin to effectively handle the business operations.
  • Delivery and tracking option – the order management is fulfilled when the products are properly delivered on time to the buyers. Also allow your buyers to track their orders in real-time.

All the above-mentioned factors play a crucial role inbuild ecommerce website like amazon and eBay. These factors give a hassle-free shopping experience to the users and even the admin can easily manage the platform with less effort.

Cost To Create a Website Like Ebay Or Amazon

The cost of build website like Amazon, or eBay can be divided into sectors. The real process will go through wireframing, designing, and development stages.

  1. Through wireframing, the client as well the developer will get a clear idea about the outcome of the website. Here they can make changes and according to time variation, the costing will also differ.
  2. The next process will be the designing part. More focus is needed to develop a clear UI/ UX design and also it is very important to have a device responsive design while building a website like Amazon, or eBay.
  3. You may just need to build a website like Amazon or you may even want to have a mobile app along with the website development. The cost will vary when you plan for a mobile app.
  4. After confirming with the design the development team will start developing a website like Amazon, and eBay. While developing, you need to make it customized and scalable that will fit your future business growth.
  5. You can add features in the stage of development and this will cost you additional.
  6. Once you are over with the development then you need to deploy the site live.

You should focus on the hosting server. If you plan to share the server with the leading hosting service provider then the cost will be an affordable one. If you want a separate server for your website then the cost will be comparatively high. All these factors will determine the cost of building an eCommerce website like Amazon, or eBay.

Zielcommerce White Label Marketplace Software To Launch & Manage A Customized Marketplace

Zielcommerce is the best readymade marketplace platform for any size of business. It is quite precise with all essential modules that are available in any leading marketplace platform. This will get your business smart and you can experience a greater reach in the digital market.

Zielcommerce platform is perfectly compatible with any device you use. with this ecommerce software like ebay, you can provide complete freedom and transparency to the vendors. Customers can experience a rich product catalog and competitive pricing.

 Prominent Features of Zielcommerce

  • Simple and easy payment processing.
  • Perfect SEO management
  • Legit Fee / Commission management.
  • Dedicated Vendor Portal
  • Real-time notifications
  • On-time inventory management
  • Multi-language & Multi-currency option
  • Mobile friendly store
  • Social network integration
  • International payment acceptance

Highlights of Zielcommerce

Dedicated Mobile App

Zielcommerce comes with a dedicated mobile app for both Android and IOS users. This will let you have control over mobile users and it is well known that any ecommerce portal is getting more mobile users as visitors.

Stunning UI/UX

the superior UI & UX build up the time that the visitors spend on the site. Zielcommerce possesses a stunning UI & UX that impresses the visitors and will automatically increase the traffic to your site.

Highly Committed Customer Support

even a non-technical person can get a perfect hands-on with the application through the dedicated support provided by the zielcommerce customer care team.

Possess Own Hosting

get the complete control of your software by having a separate hosting server. You may need to customize the software then and there according to the market requirement and in this case.

Additional Earning Modules

Zielcommerce is developed in such a way that the owner can have an additional income. One such way is the option to have affiliate marketing. You can have affiliates as your partners and can get more sales out of them.

One-Time Payment

you can completely rely on Zielcommerce as there will not be any hidden charges or any recurring fee. The total software comes with a one-time investment and you can pay and own the license of the product.

Best Revenue Streams For Your eCommerce Business Models For Websites like Amazon & Ebay

To increase marketplace revenue, you should be more specific about the marketplace business model you choose.

There are several business models available to build your online eCommerce store like amazon. Let us identify all business models of marketplace platforms in default.

Commission Model

This is the most commonly preferred marketplace business model as it benefits both the admin and the seller. The admin will fix a fixed or a variable fee to sellers.

For each product that is sold through this platform, the admin will charge the set commission fee. The platform will be responsible for the delivery and payment part while the seller will focus on the providing product alone.

Subscription Model

This is one of the supportive marketplace business models that will give recurring revenue to the admin for a long period.

In this e-commerce revenue model either buyer or seller will be charged a subscription fee for accessing the ebay like website. Customers can once pay the subscription fee and access the platform on a yearly or monthly basis.

Subscription Model

This is one of the supportive marketplace business models that will give recurring revenue to the admin for a long period.

In this e-commerce revenue model either buyer or seller will be charged a subscription fee for accessing the ebay like website. Customers can once pay the subscription fee and access the platform on a yearly or monthly basis.

Freemium Model

A perfect marketplace business model to get more audience and huge platform traffic. Here in this model users may not pay for accessing the platform. Initially, the platform provides free services to all its users.

Once the user gets used to the service they will ask for more and will search for additional services.

Lead fee Business Model

This is a model that comes between listing fee and commission fee model. Customers will request for a product and sellers who have the product will pay the amazon platform to get the contact details of the lead. The platform will charge for providing the lead details.

The seller may not pay for non-qualified leads. The platform will not guarantee for conversion but at the same time, since the seller is sure about the qualified lead the conversion rate is comparatively high. Matrimonial websites follow this business model and will let customers get access to their matching profiles.

Wrapping Up

You can build website like Amazon, or eBay but if you want to succeed like them then you need a perfect marketing strategy and should show consistency in your performance. Keep yourself updated on a regular basis and utilize all advanced technologies in your platform and make it an outstanding marketplace for the users.

Keep in mind that success is not a destination, it is a journey. Reach your goal of building a website like Amazon, or eBay and gain more credibility among your users and retain your customers with your quality.

Start your Entrepreneurial Journey and Build Your Online Ecommerce Website

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    1. Ramya Murugan Post author Reply

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