September 26, 2023
Build Instacart Like Website

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Grocery Delivery App like Instacart

Online shopping has set a record in recent days. The emergence of Covid-19 has put grocery e-commerce businesses on an upward curve. People now getting used to purchasing online & they find it more comfortable. Every month we need to buy groceries for our living every online grocery delivery company will get repeated consumers. This is the reason why online grocery companies like Instacart are successful.

This has grabbed the attention of every entrepreneur who wants to step into the online market. They all always eager to know how to make an app like Instacart. Let us get into detail.

The Grocery Delivery App Landscape Is Changing and Sustaining Businesses During COVID-19

The number of grocery app users is increasing. As per the Statista report, by considering the app users from 2017 to 2020, it is projected that by 2022 the number of users may reach 30.4 million. This shows how far is the demand for grocery items among the people.

The E-retail food & beverage segment are growing 18% every year. There is a wide scope for grocery app in the coming days.

How Does Instacart Works?

Instacart is a leading online grocery platform founded in 2012, functions within the United States & Canada. The dedicated website & the mobile app covers 5500 cities & has a partnership with 350 retailers & with 25000 grocery stores. Instacart has given a new form for grocery shopping & meets the need of busy people by providing pick-up & delivery services.

  • The USP of instacart is a same-day delivery service. You will receive your groceries on your doorstep.
  • You place the order, the company will receive the order & will send it to its dedicated shoppers to shop the product on the store you have mentioned.
  • The shoppers will pick-up the products from the store & will deliver the products to the consumers.
  • They will get the commission according to the delivery they make.
  • The process is very simple & this is the reason why people want to build instacart like a website.

A Comprehensive Business & Revenue Model By Instacart

The instacart business model is a complete combination of the features of e-commerce, on-demand, sharing, subscription, & aggregator business model. The instacart follows the 2 tier customer strategy. Every entrepreneur desires how to build an app like instacart with all of its elegant business model. Let us get into detail.

The success of instacart is mainly the revenue model it has framed. If you want to build instacart like the app you need to clearly understand the revenue model of instacart. Instacart has several revenue generation options that help the platform to grow.

Mark-up prices

Certain stores will sell their product by keeping a hike in the price of 15%. That 15% will be given to instacart by the stores.

Delivery fee

There is a standard delivery charge of $3.99 for all orders $35 & the products will be scheduled & delivered within 2 hours. If you need it within 1 hr $5.99 will be charged. For all orders $35, the delivery charge will be $7.99 for delivering within 2 hours & $9.99 for delivering within 1 hr.

Membership fee

users can avail of annual membership offers. The annual membership costs $99 & you become a member you can free delivery of groceries for one whole year.

The shoppers

The shoppers will take care of the pick-up & delivery of the items. They work on a contract basis. They can be part-time workers. A mobile app will be installed on their mobile & they will get order notification through their app. The company will assign them to work & they will work according to the schedule made by the company.

Imperishable Features Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart  

The in-built features of instacart cover all the demands of the consumers, shoppers, & retailers. If you want to build a grocery delivery app, you need to make sure that you will have all the below-mentioned features on your app and website.

  • Social media integration – you cannot promote yourself online if your website is integrated with social media platforms. The website has a smooth login function to all social media channels.
  • Product search – all products contain a rich description that makes it simple to search & find the product easily.
  • Tracking – consumers always want to track their orders & want to know the live status. Instacart allows its consumers to know the current position of their orders through tracking features.
  • Coupons & 7discounts – you cannot retain your consumers if you don’t provide them discounts & offers. Instacart never fails to delight its consumers.
  • Payment options – the key feature to build an instacart like the app and website is to have multiple payment options. This allows consumers to pay for their convenience.

Integrate Features For Creating A Platform Like Instacart 


Sign up,Search and filter,Choose products from different stores,Single cart Wallet,Schedule delivery,Track order,Return and replacement.


Commission Management,Reports and analytics,Seller & Delivery staff approval/rejection management,CMS Management,Currency & Language Management.

Instacart Shoppers(Delivery Drivers)

Dashboard,Geo-Map services,Route optimization,Accept or reject the order Chat/Call functionality to both sellers and buyers.


Store and product listing,Inventory Management,Seller Wallet,Shop operation timing

How To Build An App Like Instacart for Grocery Delivery

Building an app like instacart needs you to have certain factors in mind. With the proper planning, you will be able to successfully develop pickup app like instacart.

  • Unlimited products – You are planning to build a grocery app, you will have thousands of products. You need to make sure that your website has enough capacity to hold all the product details.
  • Delivery schedule – to build an instacart like app you need to follow their key objective. Delivering the products on the same.
  • User-friendly administrative site – You need to have a clear conversation with your customers and your app your website should be perfectly user-friendly. This will help you to retain your customers & will grow your business.

Now how to create an app like instacart, you have two options to get things done as mentioned below.

Custom development

The design and develop an app like instacart from scratch requires a lot of investment in terms of money and time. After analyzing the instacart app you need to hire any leading software development company. The developer will go through the modules & will help you to build instacart like a app.

Ready-to-launch software

A multi vendor platform gets successfully you can find a lot of clone scripts & readymade software. Resembles all the features of the multi-vendor platform. You can simply build instacart like app by purchasing the readymade software.

Quick Lunch Your Grocery Delivery App Like Instacart With ZielCommerce

Zielcommerce can give a solution for all entrepreneurs who wish to make an app like instacart. The zielcommerce website and zielcommerce app will have all the necessary features & you can even update it according to your business needs as it is customizable. You can enjoy the below-mentioned features with Zielcommerce

  • Real-time analytics
  • Clean UI & highly scalable
  • On-time push notification
  • Live order tracking
  • Multiple payment gateway integrations
  • Products review & rating system
  • Offers & deals for the consumers
  • Map integration for addresses.
  • Live chat with customers.
  • Dedicated mobile app for shoppers & consumers.

How Much Does It Cost To Build An App Like Instacart

Getting to know about the cost to build instacart like website always have a clear idea about.

  • How complex the online grocery application is going to be?
  • Your target audience & your geographical area to be focused.
  • The platform you prefer to launch the application.
  • Do you want to develop the app for android or IOS users or both?
  • These factors determine the cost of developing an instacart like app.


Instacart has been ranked No. 1 in the list of America’s promising companies. This is the technology it uses & the strategy it follows to delight the customers. To build an app like instacart, you need to have the complete features of instacart & should have a clear marketing plan to promote your business online.

Launch Your Grocery Delivery Ecommerce Platform To Enlarge your Ecommerce Business



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    I am Planning to begin an online grocery website for my store. I need to understand what might be the cost to make an app like Instacart. App should run and support on both the iOS and Android platform.

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    We want to establish our grocery store online. I came across your site w, How much does it cost to develop an app like Instacart. What software and background processes are needed to run the Instacart app, manage the orders

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    We want to establish our grocery store online. I came across your site w, How much does it cost to develop an app like Instacart? What software and background processes are needed to run the Instacart app, manage the orders?

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