July 14, 2024
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How To Build Ecommerce Website From Scratch

People are well aware of the importance of ecommerce stores and they have experienced comfort by purchasing things online. In this pandemic period, it is not safe to move around the crowd. So people always prefer to stay at home. Online stores are a boon to us and they will give us all options to sit at home and do the purchase.

  • The statistical data provided by some of the leading data surveyors are quite unbelievable. Before Covid-19 it was estimated that the growth of online retail sales will expand by 4.4% in 2020. But after Covid-19 the online retail sale has reached 18.4% growth which is surprising.
  • The expected ecommerce global retail sales will reach 22% in the market by 2021.
  • Turkey is the country with the highest ecommerce retail sales.

Why is Ecommerce so important for your business?

Every entrepreneur shows more interest to build eCommerce website from scratch . Have you ever thought of the reason behind this change of business strategy by entrepreneurs? It is all because of the understanding of the role of ecommerce in our day-to-day life.

  • Brand recognition – when you take your business to the online market you can get brand recognition easily. Millions of online users are active most of the time so you can easily get the reach.
  • Target your audience – you can run your marketing campaigns by just focusing on your target audience so that you can get genuine leads.
  • Flexible & scalable – you can expand your business and your products in the future without changing any coding since it is built with scalable features.
  • More marketing options – after building an ecommerce website you have numerous ways to promote your website. You have social media channels where you can post about your site and get more traffic. Also while building an eCommerce website; you have to make it SEO-friendly. This will help you to be ranked on top pages.

How to Build Ecommerce website an easy understanding

Once you decide to shift over your business to an eCommerce platform the first question that comes to your mind will be how to build eCommerce website? Entrepreneurs focus on building an eCommerce website from scratch. One big advantage of developing an ecommerce website from scratch is the user can bring out all his ideas and can have a tailored eCommerce website that completely satisfies his business demands and also fulfills buyers’ expectations. Now let us find ways on how to build eCommerce website from scratch by simply following easy steps.

Step1. Develop the ecommerce website by registering the domain

The domain name is the address for entering your website. You can have the domain name with your business name. But you need to check the availability of the domain name and then register the name. Make sure that the domain name is short and catchy so that people can easily remember the name and they can easily type and search the website on their mobile phones.

Step 2. Create the ecommerce website as a product-centric website

The main objective of creating an eCommerce website is to pitch the product through the website and to sell the product. So, all the features that you include while developing the eCommerce website should be mainly targeting promoting the product and to move the product easily.

Step 3. Develop a user-friendly ecommerce website with an extraordinary interface

Retaining the visitors to your website is a challenging one for any company. You need to have all the attractive features that will grab the attention of the users. Also, UI/UX plays a vital role in gaining traffic and reducing the bounce rate of your eCommerce website. Let your eCommerce site be enriched with an excellent user-interface and never miss your audience without converting them into your customers.

Step 4. Finalize your business model before creating the ecommerce website

Every ecommerce store follows some business models. The eCommerce giants like Amazon, eBay have a business model that has gained a good reputation as well as revenue. So, before creating the eCommerce website you need to find out which business model suits your business and should develop the eCommerce website according to the business model you have chosen.

Step 5. Make a perfect eCommerce website with the inbuilt marketing tools

Once you have developed the eCommerce website the next process will be promoting the website. To make the process simple you need to build the e-commerce website with all necessary marketing tools like SEO optimization and social media integration. This will help you to get good traffic to your website and you can expect genuine leads. By properly utilizing the leads you can get good sales and revenue.

Step 6. Build a secured ecommerce website

People mainly select eCommerce websites as they can pay online and get their products at their doorstep. So, the payment transaction happens on your eCommerce website. People are cautious about the safety of the site as they are ready to take a risk by shopping with an unsecured website. While developing the eCommerce website you need to get an SSL certificate for your site and ensure that the site is hacking-free and customers can confidently do the purchase.

Step 7. Create the eCommerce website and integrate it with a shipping partner

The order process is completed only when the customers receive the right product at the right time that too in undamaged condition. For this, you need to find a genuine logistics service provider and have a partnership with them. Understand their terms and conditions and make a deal with them. Only if the products are properly delivered you can do your business peacefully. Else you may face more product returns and this will affect your profit margin. Also if the customers are not satisfied with your delivery they will leave your site and will go for the other one.


Now you are clear on how to build eCommerce website from scratch, so start building an ecommerce website and never miss any of the steps mentioned above. Make sure you promote well and earn well.

Ramya Murugan

Ramya is a highly competent product marketer who has a strong foundation in the area of customer behavior analysis and his critical thinking skills.


  1. Sarfaz Reply

    I’m having a retail shop in UAE; I’m planning to move into the ecommerce market. I need to build ecommerce website from scratch. I’m much specific to build in magneto 2 software, with advanced features and payment gateway to support the Arabic language.

    1. Ramya Murugan Post author Reply

      Great! to hear your requirements. our team will connect you and discuss your project requirements, help you out to build eCommerce website and other technical stuff.

  2. Cathy Reply

    We have already women’s beauty products on an online shopping website, I need to upgrade our website to ecommerce site, we plan to widen it up. Our need is to build ecommerce website from scratch with all features with complete functionality with secured login and multiple language supports.

    1. Ramya Murugan Post author Reply

      Our technical expert will connect you shortly, Delivery you a live demo section on our products and they will demonstrate each and every step on the eCommerce website from scratch.

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