April 20, 2024
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How To Make An Online Classified Website Like OLX – Features & Cost

The curiosity of people to purchase online has increased and due to the vast convenience people prefer online shopping over traditional shopping. The advancement in technology has given a unified shopping experience to the online users. Ecommerce platforms have set an easy way to sell and buy products. The buy and sell marketplace plays the role of classified ads that are usually seen on newspapers. OLX is one of the leading classified apps that has its own customer base.

Digital Classified Ads Global Revenue

Investing in the development of C2C marketplace platform and application is a brilliant decision as they are in the peak of the ecommerce market. While search engines are a good source for generating traffic, greater returns are highly guaranteed and many leading buy cell classified platforms like OLX have proved this fact.

To have a better understanding you can even consider and analyze the OLX platform alone and get justified for investing in buy sell classified market.

  • OLX has reached a milestone for acquiring more than 120 million viewers per month to its website. The main reason for this high organic website and app traffic is that OLX is available at free of cost and OLX does not charge money for any categories while other platforms started charging.
  • OLX has established its market in over 150 countries and the platform supports more than 40 languages.
  • With its attractive and comprehensive features, OLX has generated up to 1 billion page hits per month.
  • Around 54% of OLX users access the site through their mobile devices.
  • 60 million new items are being posted on the OLX platform and the selling ratio is considerably high when compared with other leading buy sell classified platforms.

The unique marketplace business model and the satisfied OLX revenue model have made the platform to be a grand success in the digital world. You can follow the same strategy and can maximize your ROI effectively. Let us check out the business model that makes OLX run successfully.

OLX Classified Business Model

OLX possesses the complete functionalities of classified portals that holds 2 side platforms for both buyers and sellers. OLX is a C2C (Consumer to Consumer) online global marketplace and allows the people to buy and sell products without any intermediary personnel.

Classifieds App & Website like OLX

With a simple registration process the seller as well as buyers can register themselves. Now the registered sellers can start posting their pictures of the products along with its description and prices. Buyers who are in need of the product will search the platform and will get to know about the seller and will directly communicate with the seller without any third party intervention. They will negotiate and finally will complete the sale process. This is how OLX works.

How Does OLX Buy Sell Classified Make Money

OLX does not charge its users for posting ads. The platform has several ways to make money. OLX generates revenue by developing and operating a platform for online and mobile classifieds. The real success of this marketplace mainly lies on the proper utilization of the marketplace revenue streams. Let us analyze the Olx revenue model channels of this platform.

Google Adsense / Google Ads

Massive website traffic is experienced by OLX that makes it possible to place Adsense that will allow OLX to earn some good amount. Whenever the site gains huge traffic, it is quite obvious to acquire more new customers. So having Adsense in your platform will let you earn a decent passive income.

Sponsored Ads

olx like website utilizes the space in its website and allows advertisers to use those space to post their ads. The advertisers will be charged accordingly and OLX earns through advertisements and banners that are placed in its OLX website. This is one good source of income.

Premium ads

Initially the users are not charged for posting ads with OLX. But in certain cases when the user wants his ads to be posted in specific area and be more particular about the target audience then those ads are considered to be premium ads and they are charged separately.

An Enterprise Integration Platform Features Of OLX Clone Website & App

The success of best classified ad listing platform olx is mainly because of the features they possess that will let the users have an awesome Olx shopping experience. 

Let us get to know the basic features that are essential to have a classified app like OLX.

User Panel
  • Simple registration – users can register easily with the app with not much procedure.
  • Post a Products – sellers can post their products with its picture & detailed descriptions so that the buyers can easily identify the products.
  • Discount coupons – existing customers can utilize the discount coupons that the admin provides and can get good offers
  • Communication channels – the buyers and the sellers can easily communicate with each other through chat box.
  • Advanced filtering options – buyers can browse the products category-wise and be more specific by using the advanced filtering options.
  • Product rating & review – users can judge the product and its quality by going through the reviews and ratings for the product.
 Admin Panel
  • Manage users – admin can verify the sellers and the buyers and can maintain the database effectively.
  • Perfect dashboard – with the help of a user-friendly dashboard, the admin have a clear track of the working progress of the app.
  • Cloud storage – the complete database is stored in the cloud storage and the admin can access it anywhere, anytime.
  • Push notification – admin can keep updating about the new arrivals and offers to the users through push notifications.
  • Third-party integration – the admin can integrate the payment gateways and also his existing CRM with the app and save his time of operation.
  • Reports and analytics – the day to day sales and other functions can easily be retrieved as reports and analytics help to monitor the success rate of the app.

Other Advanced Features of Creating Website Like OLX

  • Multiple currency & multilingual – to cover the global audience the app should support multiple currencies and also should be multilingual.
  • Geo-location integration – used to identify the locality of the sellers and buyers can easily track them.
  • Social media integration – for product sharing and comparing, the app should have social network integration that allows them to post the product in their channel.
  • In-app payment – the order is complete only after clearing the payment so the app should support in-app payment.
  • Certified sellers – at the time of registration, the sellers should provide the necessary document and the admin will verify the sellers.

Key Features Of Buy Sell Marketplace Like OLX App

The well-designed and eye catching mobile app of OLX has gained tremendous response from its audience. The OLX app fulfills what customers exactly want.

OLX has analyzed the market, users’ behavior and the product and have built the app with all unique features that will grab the attention of every mobile user. Customer acquisition and customer retention is the key objective of OLX app and this is how OLX earns well

  • 100% FREE – OLX app is completely free to use and we will not be charged during registration or even during posting our product to sell.
  • Usability Matters – The app is perfectly user-friendly and well enriched with UI & UX design. This will make the user use the app again and again.
  • Privacy Makes Sense – All our information is secured highly. There is no need to worry about any malware attack as the site is secured with SSL.
  • Mobile Support – The app is device compatible and highly mobile responsive. This attracts mobile users to use the app.
  • Reliability – All the sellers are well verified by the platform so there is no need to worry about fake sellers. The products you purchase will be of high quality.

Types of Posting Olx Buy Sell Classified Ads

Job Classified Marketplace

It is one of the most popular classified companies and probably has the largest marketplace share among the other classified fields.The platform will be used by job seekers and employers looking for qualified candidates and a quality firm. The marketplace will offers different sources of revenue like subscription fees, premium fee, sales fee, and sponsored ad, etc.

Real Estate Classified Marketplace

With the OLX clone app script, one can develop a range of fields within the real estate ecosystem such as commercial, residential and community development and serve as a platform for buyers and sellers across the filling their search for a dream house.

Auction Marketplace

Digitising the auction industry has been a daunting task. But with OLX Clone App, it can be expanded into a matter of days. You can construct an auction market that can attract this specific niche thus creating an auction market empire. This might be the best chance for an Internet app to take advantage of the opportunity and seize market dominance.

Automobile Classified Marketplace

The money is in the eternal stream of profit facilitated by the automotive industry by inculcating an automotive classified marketplace. It has been one of the product categories on demand for more than a century with a high degree of contemporary usage.

How to Build a Classified Website Like OLX

Have you ever thought of how to build a website like OLX? If you have an idea about it then you should satisfy all preliminary aspects that will help you in making a perfect website like OLX. Let us find out the essential aspects that will make your dream come true.

  • Choose an attractive domain name – this is the base for any online platform and should be more specific in choosing the right domain name and should register the name at the earliest.
  • Develop a website – this is where your whole effort should be given as this is the platform that your customers will be visiting and you are going to get orders. So, make the website to be more user-friendly, device responsive, and secured with SSL certification.
  • Check for mandatory features – never compromise on features as they are the stepping stones for your platform’s success. You can acquire more new customers and can also retain them only through your features. Check with your competitors and be sure you have all the essential features in your platform.
  • Go live – once you are ready with your classified website, it is the right time to go live and reach your audience. Find out the best hosting service provider on who you can rely. Get their support in launching your platform.

Now you are online with your efficient platform and make sure you keep updating your marketplace with the latest trends and technologies that will impress your customers.

How Much Does It To Developing A Buy Sell Classified App Like OLX

The cost for a classified app development like OLX may depend on many factors that are to be considered. The features you need to have and the functionalities that need to work all matters the cost.

  • The platform – when planning to develop an app it needs to be either for android or for IOS or even for both. The platform you finally decide to develop on will have impact on the cost.
  • Design – a normal or a simple UI & UX may not cost much. But if you plan to include advanced technologies to make it more elegant then the cost may differ.
  • App size – to develop the app within the budget then you should reduce the app size by reducing the features and functions.
  • Developers – the experience of the developers will help you to get a perfect olx related apps, but hiring an experienced developer will cost you more.
  • Mobile wallet – customers expect this feature while shopping with your app. But having this feature will cost separate.

Why Zielcommerce Is The Best Platform To Develop A Classifieds App & Website Like OLX

Zielcommerce will be a magnificent solution if you want to create a app like OLX. Also, Zielcommerce buy-sell marketplace mobile app is a perfectly developed platform that holds all necessary features for buyers and sellers apps similar to olx. Sell a classified app that inherits all reliable features.

The power of intelligent UI & UX can be clearly experienced with Zielcommerce. The global audiences are connected through its multi-lingual and multiple currency options. Zielcommerce is built with PCI complaint and provide better platform security.

The OLX revenue model and the OLX business model is adapted with the Zielcommerce platform and the user can enjoy the same benefits just like the OLX admin enjoys. Gain higher organic traffic to your website and mobile app with this readymade C2C platform which is developed with inbuilt marketing tools. For business people who want to develop a website like an app like OLX, Zielcommerc is the best option.

Key features

  • A user-friendly UI & UX design.
  • Social media login
  • Easy to promote and market your business.
  • Reviews and rating facility.
  • SEO ready website and app
  • Dedicated training and support
  • Advanced CMS


Know the real demand that runs in the digital market. This will help you to sustain your business and to acquire new customers. We need to make sure that we have developed the app with all the key features that have made OLX successful.

Want to be the Next Giant Like OLX to Earn More

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