June 12, 2024

Gumtree Clone: How To Develop A Marketplace Website Like Gumtree?

Online classified websites have gained a large number of potential buyers in recent days. One main reason for buyers turning towards online classified websites is its cost-effective approach. Most classified websites are free to access and users can buy and sell products for free.

Gumtree is one such website that is a UK-based C2C marketplace platform and has attracted more active audiences and users have positive reviews about this website.

Wildly Success Of Websites Like Gumtree uk

Gumtree is one of the most popular classified websites in the UK. Many statistical reports have proven its popularity

  • Gumtree gets 15.3 million unique visitors every month.
  • Around 43 million UK citizens have used this platform for buying and selling in 2020.
  • Every day 1 million items are listed in this marketplace platform.
  • So 250000 jobs have been posted and around 6 million cars are posted for sale.
  • 80% of gumtree sales happen on mobile phones

These interesting facts will create an interest in the minds of any aspiring entrepreneur to build a website like gumtree. Let us analyze more about Gumtree marketplace and the reason for its popularity in the UK.

The Insider Secrets Of How To Build A Buy And Sell Website Like Gumtree

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  • No fees – Listing products in Gumtree is totally free and you may not spend even a single penny from your hand. This has attract sellers to your marketplace as many classified websites have started charging for listing and selling.
  • No Paypal needed – Unlike other classified websites, Gumtree doesn’t require users to have a Paypal account to do payment transactions. This is a more appealing aspect and if you plan to create a website like Gumtree then make sure you include this aspect.
  • Simplified listing process – Websites like ebay, craiglist have complicated listing process. But this is not so with site like Gumtree website. Just take a photo of the product you want to sell. Enter the description and upload the photo and post the ad.
  • Buyer- seller easy communication – A survey has stated that 45% of product return cases can be reduced if the buyer and seller are allowed to communicate. Gumtree provides a proper communication channel and will support buyers and sellers to communicate with each other without any restriction.

The above-listed reasons are more than enough to decide on building a Gumtree marketplace website. Let us discuss more on the revenue model that made Gumtree stand alone in the market.

Revenue Model Of Gumtree like website

Gumtree has several revenue streams that support the marketplace to get more profit. If you are planning to build a website like Gumtree then you need to identify the gumtree revenue model follows and get your website like Gumtree with the same pattern.

  • Earn Through Sales – For each sale that happens within the platform the seller will be charged a commission fee. The commission fee can be fixed or can vary according to the product value.
  • Via Promoted Ads – Gumtree allows sellers to promote their brand in the platform that will help them get more visitors to their page. The admin will charge for each ad placed by the seller.
  • Through Google Ads – Google Ads is a well-known source of revenue as Gumtree like website makes use of this platform too to generate better revenue. Gumtree uses Google ads to get instant visitors to the platform and increases the website traffic.
  • Via Ad Campaigns – Gumtree will run ad campaigns in all social media platforms and this will get higher visibility and leads to better conversion.

A Realistic Unique Features Of Gumtree Clone App

Building a c2c website like a gumtree needs to contain the below-mentioned features as it will support the admin to have better business operations.

  • Admin Control Panel – Admin gains the complete control of the marketplace platform. The admin should possess more rights in approving or rejecting a seller or his products. So a dedicated control panel should be available for the admin.
  • Manage Ads/Posts – Admin will receive several ads and posts from sellers. Your classified website should provide easy management of ads and posts that will avoid unnecessary confusions.
  • Manage Category – products should be aligned well as per their category. Admin should be able to manage the product category as this will affect the conversion rate easily.
  • Manage Payments – your website should provide multiple payment options and should handle them in an efficient way.
  • Push Notifications – Let your sellers and buyers get instant notification through the push notification feature and let them know about their orders and latest arrivals.

Best Features For Classified Marketplace Of Sellers Websites

Sellers are the key pillars of any classified ad listing platform. Gumtree knows this fact very well and so it has framed its platform with ultra-unique customer features. Websites like Gumtree should possess the below-mentioned features.

  • Manage Ads –Sellers will be posting ads to sell their products. With the help of the platform they need to handle their ads and be responsive to enquiries.
  • Manage Orders – Users will receive orders and they should get proper notification and should provide a hassle-free delivery to customers.
  • Manage Reviews – Users should be able to check the reviews given by their customers and should respond to buyers instantly. This facility will enhance the performance of the platform.
  • Account Management – Sellers should handle their own account and should set their profile with a clear description. Your classified website should provide easy account management to sellers.
  • Payment Methods – Let your platform be integrated with several payment gateways that are familiar in the market. This will support sellers to make customers buy instantly without hesitation.

Build A Pragmatic Online Buy Sell Marketplace Website Like Gumtree

Building a website like Gumtree needs more determination and involvement. With proper planning and implementation, you can run a website like Gumtree. Now let us find out how to create a website like Gumtree.

  • Analyse and research the market.
  • Get a classified wordpress theme for your marketplace.
  • Buy a domain and hosting server for launching your platform.
  • Develop all features with the wordpress setup
  • Integrate payment gateways with your marketplace platform
  • Link Google map to your application.
  • Go through the complete testing process and clear all bugs.
  • Check the demo of the marketplace platform.
  • Launch the classified website online
  • Promote your marketplace on all digital platforms.

Start Your Own Gumtree Business Platform With Gumtree Clone 

A perfect classified website can get you more actions from the user end. But you need to know what makes a website so perfect like Gumtree.

  • Quality assured performance – Users prefer website mainly for its better performance. Have the right choice of tech stack and make your website more productive.
  • Simple sign-up process – Never let your user be frustrated by providing a long sign-up procedure. Just make it as simple as possible and let them login in seconds without any difficulties.
  • Feedback system – Users should feel comfortable in sharing their thoughts about the product and service you provide. Allow them to review your platform through a reliable feedback system.
  • Social integration – This is an essential marketplace feature that will increase the visibility of the platform. It also reduces the login process and users can use their social account to login the platform.
  • One-click contacting – The crucial feature that any user will expect from your app is to contact the business person instantly. Let your app hold this feature and this will obviously increase your platform credibility.
  • Advanced Analytics – Implementing analytics in your website will let you have a clear insight about users’ behavior. By tracking their activity you can frame your marketing strategy and increase the conversion rate.


Online classified websites have greater scope and it will be a perfect time to build a website like Gumtree. All you need is to understand the market demand and should deliver the best service through your website like Gumtree. Gaining customers’ trust is the crucial aspect that will help us to survive well in the market.

Want to Build a Buy Sell Marketplace Website Like Gumtree


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