April 20, 2024

How to Build Beauty Salon Booking Website – A Complete Guide

The on-demand beauty salon services have offered favorable conditions for entrepreneurs to step into this industry. Doing a salon business will get any business person a wonderful and rewarding experience. Not all salon businesses are experiencing success. There are many factors that determine the success rate of this business.

Before analyzing the key features and other essential aspects, you need to be more convinced about starting your own online salon business. For this, we need to check a few statistics that clearly explain the need for beauty services in the market

  • The global beauty industry holds a revenue of $511 billion in 2021.
  • The Asia-Pacific region alone holds more than 47% of the share in the worldwide beauty industry.
  • Women spend more than $300 on buying beauty products online every month.
  • 87% of appointment booking software is available on social media platforms.
  • 76% of consumers prefer to use beauty salon booking software to book their appointments.
  • 94% of users prefer mobile applications to book salon services online.

These figures clearly prove how important every online salon booking software holds and what scope it has in the future. Now let us check out the essential features required in every beauty salon booking software.

Online Beauty Salon Scheduling Features to Make Your Life Easier

  • Online Appointment Booking – this is one of the undeniable features expected in every salon booking website. People prefer beauty salon booking website mainly for online booking. This feature will simplify their booking process as they can find their services and can pay and book online anywhere, anytime.  While building your salon website, you need to have a separate booking page that will facilitate customers to book instantly.
  • Appointment Reminders – 45% of appointments made through manual booking have failed to turn up and the reason customers give is they have forgotten the appointment. To minimize this, the beauty salon booking software can send reminders and notifications to clients and also to salon owners and can plan their schedules accordingly.
  • Online Payment Processing multiple payment gateways should be integrated that can facilitate clients to pay online and book their services. The payment gateways should be secured and familiar for clients. The automated payment processing should be carried out effectively so that it can increase the credibility of the platform.
  • Client Profiles & History – clients should have a dedicated profile page that can help them to keep updating their personal information. Also, they should be able to check their transaction history whenever needcoed. This is possible with any beauty salon management software.

How to Build Beauty Salon Booking Website with ZielCommerce

Zielcommerce is the best appointment scheduling software for a beauty salon that can attract more audiences to your salon shop and can get you better customer engagement. This dedicated salon booking software can elevate your salon business to a higher level.

Being a top-notch beauty salon booking application, Zielcommerce has a better market understanding and provides the best salon solution for users, and assures better returns. The software is well integrated with all the extensive features that can create a better rapport between clients and salon owners.

Highlights of Beauty Salon Booking Website

  • Own brand name – create your branding and reach your audience with your own brand name. Zielcommerce allows you to run the salon software with users’ brand namemanas. Users can gain better brand recognition and can escalate their salon business.
  • Multiple languages – Zielcommerce assures you to expand your salon business without any boundaries as the software supports multiple languages and multiple currencies. Without geographic restrictions, you can reach your clients and have multiple salon stores in multiple locations, and can handle all stores under single salon booking software.
  •  User friendly – the intuitive user interface supports users to get more audiences to the salon website. The design is device responsive and allows users to access the salon platform from their smartphones and tablets. This will increase your traffic and assure you of a better conversion rate.
  • Push notifications – proper reminders will be sent to clients and salon owners regarding their appointments and bookings for salon services through the Push notification feature. This will facilitate clients to get their services on time without missing the appointment. Also, salon owners can send offers and discounts notification with the same feature.
  • Payment processing – Zielcommerce supports users with familiar and reputed payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, etc. This will make clients more comfortable in processing the payment online without any hesitation. Secured payment processing is assured with Zielcommerce.
  • Reporting & analytics – get to know the exact salon business condition with advanced reporting and analytics features. You can get a clear picture of order details, payment transaction details, beauty products inventory details, and many more. You can get reports as per your requirement and can understand your business growth.

How to Attracts your Customers to Beauty Salon Booking Website?

You may use appointment scheduling software for your beauty salon and can simplify your business operations. But the key objective of any salon software is to increase the customer base. To increase the customer base, first, you need to attract more audiences. Zielcommerce has many salient features that can easily grab the attention of users

  • SEO-friendly software – get your salon to be listed on Google’s top search pages as the platform is built with search engine optimization. Around 78% of the audience visit a salon shop only after searching Google and they give priority to top listed salon platforms. This crowd can be easily achieved with Zielcommerce and assures you to have genuine leads.
  • Social media integration – if you plan to have a huge reach among your target audience, then you cannot ignore social media platforms. All your users are actively present in any of the social media channels. Zielcommerce has social media integration that will allow clients to share salon services on their social media pages. This will get unbelievable reach and better returns.
  • Reviews and ratings – online reviews can easily persuade the audience to your salon shop. Zielcommerce has reviews and rating options that will let clients give their feedback and rate your salon services. Each positive review has more power in grabbing clients for your salon business.
  • Referral and reward points – you need to motivate customers to refer their friends to your salon shop by offering them attractive referrals and reward points. When customers get monetary benefits they can easily refer others to your salon business. This feature is perfectly integrated in Zielcommerce and you can trust this software in attaining more customers to your business.


On-demand beauty services are reaching their peak in the market. You need to be more concerned with the beauty salon booking software you use to manage your salon business. Give priority to the quality of the software and check on its features. Find the best salon management software and run your salon shop in an effective way.

Build your Own Brand Online Marketplace Platform for Beauty Service Business

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