May 22, 2024

How to Build Buy Sell Marketplace App like OfferUp?

People completely rely on mobile apps to do their day to day activities and tasks. Most of the payment transactions are carried out using our smartphones. This is one of the key factors that has made the buy and sell marketplace to be a great success in the digital market.

The buy and sell marketplace connects the seller and the ideal buyer who reside in the same locality. Buy Sell Marketplace App like Offerup has set a milestone in the e-world.

What is Offerup?

Offerup is a reputed mobile marketplace that connects local sellers and buyers and allows them to buy and sell within their own locality. As the model follows the perfect C2C business model, it has become a tough competitor for Craigslist, OLX, and many more C2C marketplace. The mobile application is available to both Android and iOS users.

How Offerup Works

The offerup business model is quite simple and easy to understand. There will be a one tap signing process and users can just download the app and can register themselves by providing their personal and required details.

Once you have completed the signing process, you can find the home page with the search icon. Now you can start searching for the product you need for. The search option will let you search category-wise and you can easily identify the required item in the marketplace.

As soon as you find out the product, you can click on the product and can get to know about the product in detail. Then you can make an offer to buy the product. You can communicate with the seller and can negotiate well.

This is the same for the seller too. Posting a product is just like posting on Facebook. You can post the product along with its description and price. People who are interested will contact you. This is how the whole process works.

Features Made OfferUp So Successful

Search feed

Allows buyers to find what exactly they need and will simplify the process and with short time they can identify the product they search for.


Since the local buy and sell marketplace deals with selling and buying within the locality, the geolocation option is a must for this type of marketplace

Comments and rating

This feature will enable the user to understand the quality of the product or the service and in turn we can gain credibility from customers.

Comparing prices

People always want to compare the price with other sellers and will select the one that is quite economical and reasonable.

Built-in payment gateway

Integrating a trusted payment gateway will ensure your customers’ safety and the users can have safe shopping with your marketplace.

Delivery options

We should customers to have the delivery of their convenience. This will help in order conversion and you can also retain your customers.

How To Make A Local Buy Sell App Like Offerup

The local buy sell marketplace app like offerup will allow users to buy and sell products locally. They work to facilitate effective collaboration between the buyers and the sellers.

Here the buy and sell marketplace owner doesn’t own any inventory, whereas he represents the inventory of the seller to the buyer. Now let us understand how to build a buy-sell marketplace app like Offerup

  1. Analyze the features of the app – always understand the essential features that are to be in your buy and sell marketplace and make sure you add all those features to your platform. You can also go through offerup apps and study the remarkable features they have.
  2. Select the business model – there are several business models available for the marketplace. One need to understand the business and should select the business model that works well with your plan.
  3. Create a successful brand name – select a brand name that can be easily remembered by the users and also make sure you have the same brand name as your domain name. This will boost your branding easily.
  4. Ensure an attractive UI & UX design – to retain the visitors you need to have an enriched UI & UX design. Give your users a pleasant shopping experience that stands in their mind forever. This will let you to acquire more new visitors to your marketplace.
  5. Integrate Payment gateway – the online transaction is complete only with the successful implementation of the payment gateway. Make sure that your marketplace platform supports several payment methods.
  6. Pay attention to protection – always assure your website safety and give high priority for the site protection. People always want to carry out their transaction with the secured site. You need to install SSL to your platform.

Readymade Solution to Develop a Buy Sell Marketplace App like and Offerup

Going for a readymade app for sale the solution to have a buy sell marketplace app like offerup will obviously reduce your cost and you can have all the essential features to run your marketplace successfully.  All you need is to customize the readymade buy sell app solution to suit your business. The development effort is totally reduced.

Why Zielcommerce For Building Buy Sell Marketplace App

Zielcommerce is ultimate readymade buy sell software that can give the users an awesome shopping experience. Zielcommerce found to be scale effective that suits the customers’ needs. The c2c marketplace platform handles all the necessary processes starting from marketing to payments and shipping.

Buy Sell Marketplace App Features
The highlights of Zielcommerce
  • Responsive and customizable design – a complete user-friendly application.
  • 3rd party integration – compatible with several payment gateways.
  • Search engine friendly web app – get on top-ranked page in search engines
  • Advanced filtering options – easily identify the product you need

The Revenue Model Of Your Buy Sell Application Like Offerup

As an owner, one needs to pick a best revenue model buy sell marketplace accommodating their market specialty, and that likewise lines up with their business targets. It is the manner by which the commercial center proprietors infer income will decide the accomplishment of their foundation.

Commission on Transactions

This is one of the successful business models for your application. Commission is fixed and every transaction that occurs for the seller will get you the commission.

Membership Model

People need to register themselves as members of your marketplace and can enjoy the basic functionalities for free. For advanced features they may need to pay and use it.

Listing Fee

Sellers can list their products in the marketplace and according to the listing they can pay the fee to the admin of the site.

Featured listing & Ads

The admin can allow a space in his website and can have ads posted on that space. The advertisers will pay the admin to run their ads on the site.

How Much Does it Cost to Create a Mobile App like Offerup?

The cost for developing the buy sell classified ad listing platform like offerup depends on the type of functionality that has to be implemented. Giving an approximate cost value doesn’t make any sense as the value is not reliable.

Users’ expectations vary according to their business needs. Some may be a startup and will prefer to have a basic offerup clone app with default features alone. But some may need an enterprise-grade marketplace with all advanced features and both cannot have the same pricing structure.

So be more specific with what you exactly want and then share your expectations and requirements in detail with us. We can come up with the best estimation that will fit your budget and also your business.

Getting adapted to the latest trends will leverage your business and will let you get greater ROI. Understand the market needs and shine in your own skill set. Build your own buy sell and govern the digital market by all means.


How Much Does it Cost to Create an App like OfferUp?

If you prefer to start your business instantly then you can go for the offerup readymade clone script that is quite affordable and will let you launch your platform whenever needed. If you plan to start it from scratch then you need to be prepared for the cost as the product development requires a huge amount for completion.

How do I Create an OfferUp App?

  • Analyze your competitors and know their strategy and also the market demands.
  • Frame the business model that will get you better returns.
  • Choose the perfect platform development team who have good experience in this field
  • Start your development process by choosing an attractive UI and UX.
  • Integrate all payment gateways and other recommended APIs with your platform.
  • Advertise your brand and make it easily reachable to your target audience.
  • Hire a hosting service provider and launch your platform and let it go live.

How can we earn through the offerup cone app?

The offerup readymade clone script allows users to have multiple revenue streams that will increase their income. They can get a commission fee on each sale; they can also set subscription plans and can earn a recurring amount. Users can also post advertisement banners on their home page and can earn through them.

Ready to Build Your Own Online Marketplace for Local Buyers and Sellers

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    Great one! I’m looking for a marketplace app for my business. Basically, to sell stuff online. I’m much interested to know how to build an app like letgo.

    1. Ramya Murugan Post author Reply

      Hi Saranya,

      Thank you! we will connect with you shortly. will give a detailed structure on buy-sell apps like letgo and offerup in every technical aspect.

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    Hi, Thanks for sharing this blog! I’m planning to start an online business to buy and sell products online in my place Portsmouth, United States. I need a marketplace app and I have a question before proceeding with how to build an app like offerup, let have a discussion on it.

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      You’re welcome, Our team will connect you for giving a brief explanation on building an app like offerup along with the other kinds of stuff.

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    Good one! This blog has furnished me with merely the information that I needed. I actually need to create a buy and sell marketplace app, similar to Letgo in my country, with the same features and support multiple languages is a must. What will be the cost to develop app like letgo? and what would be your timeline to complete it?

    1. Ramya Murugan Post author Reply

      Well! our technical team will reach out at your PST. They will explain in detail how to build an app like letgo’s and the cost estimation.

  4. Abdul khader Reply

    I have a plan to build a buy and sell marketplace app on motor vehicle spares and tools in UAE, All used Engines, gearbox, New 2tr-fe engine radiator hoses, the v belt, and more for buy and sell online. People can use this platform to buy and sell their products online, I’m looking for a marketplace app, should support similar features and its function similar to an app like letgo, this platform should specifically categorize for motor vehicle products listing.

  5. Abu bai Reply

    We want to create a buy and sell marketplace app similar to the letgo app that works in the Middle East? way to contact buyers and sellers. In multiple categories like electronics and tech, fashion and clothes for children and babies, old and new furniture for home & garden and even including interests such as cars and property. I’m looking forward to having a discussion with you.

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